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Moving Checklist: Everything You Need To Know (Just About)

A moving checklist is a big part of a well-planned and well-organized moving day. It can help one save time and money while also helping limit or avoid some of the stress, worry, and frustration that can arise during a big move.

The best part is that each member of the family can chip in to help create a moving checklist that covers every room in the house. And if that checklist gets things up and running a couple of months prior to the move date, as we recommend, then it can make the whole moving experience as pleasant and exciting as possible.

After all, it should be fun to move! There are lots of new things to look forward to, whether one is relocating across town or across the country. And with Smooth Move People here to assist you every step of the way, you’ll not only be prepared but you’ll also have one of the most experienced and expert moving companies in Portland helping you out!

Let’s dig into what a moving checklist might look like. Keep in mind that this checklist is appropriate for any move, whether it’s a single room or a home with multiple bedrooms.

Just keep to the schedule — beginning about two months before the actual move day — and this moving checklist will ensure that everything is covered and nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

In the meantime, make sure to get in touch with Smooth Move People with any questions you may have about moving checklists, packing supplies, or any of the items on the bulleted list below:

2 Months Before Moving Day

    • Create a moving binder. This is where you can keep track of important documents close by, such as our handy printable moving checklist.
    • Sort Through Your Stuff. Take a look at your stuff and assess what you need and if you can donate anything you no longer use. Consider holding a garage sale so that when the big day arrives, you only have to move what you need.
    • School records transfer. If you have kids and they will be changing schools, set up their school records to be sent to their new school district.
    • Request time off work. If you’re moving to a new neighborhood or even down the street, consider taking a Friday off of work, so you have the entire weekend to get settled in your new place.
    • Recruit friends and family members. Moving day has a lot of moving parts. When the day comes, it’s a good idea to have backup to assist with packing materials, moving boxes, moving supplies, and more.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

    • Take inventory. Start a list of everything that will be coming with you to your new home.
    • Order packing supplies. 
    • Complete touch-ups. Perform minor repairs and paint touch-ups to your current place. This will help when the time comes to get back your security deposit (if you’ve been renting).
    • Measure doorways, elevators, and stairs at both locations so you and your movers will know ahead of time if you need to plan for any disassembly and reassembly. If you want additional tips, your movers are happy to help.

One Month Before Moving Day

  • Start to pack. Begin with items you use less frequently, like seasonal items and clothing that isn’t currently necessary. For example, pack up winter clothing if you’re moving in summer. 
  • Label Your Boxes. Choose a system that works best for you, but putting the name of the room you want the box to go in on the box makes things easier for you and your movers when they load and unload the moving truck.
  • Gather Valuables. Put all of your important documents and valuables aside so that you know where they are, and can personally move them on moving day.
  • Change of Address. Head to your post office or and fill out a change of address form. 
  • Notify Important Parties. Let your bank, credit card, and insurance companies, your employer’s human resources department, and any magazine or newspaper you subscribe to know about the move and ensure they have your new address.
  • Medical Records. Request your medical records be forwarded if you have a new doctor and dentist picked out, or request a copy for yourself and ask for a referral. 

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Call Smooth Move People to schedule your move. We’ll exchange contact information and get the moving process on our end started.
  • Fill and transfer your prescriptions.
  • Set up a babysitter or playdate for children during moving day.
  • Set up a sitter or doggy daycare for pets during moving day.
  • Tune up your car. If you’re moving a long distance, getting your car serviced beforehand is essential.
  • Transfer Utilities. If you’re moving in town, you can have your services transferred ready to go when you reach your new place, or if you’re moving to a new town, you can cancel your current utilities and set up with the new one. (Don’t forget cable and internet services too!)

Week of the Move

  • Finish packing. Make sure your inventory list is up to date and all of your boxes are labeled.
  • Clean your current home or apartment.
  • Empty out your fridge, and defrost it if it’s coming with you.
  • Pack a suitcase with everything you’ll need the night of the move and day after. Things like pajamas, toothbrushes, and chargers. It will take time to unpack and find everything, so ensure you have what you’ll need immediately, close by and easy to access. 

Moving Day

Your months of planning have led to this day! Yay! Just a few more things and you can start your life in your new home.

  • Do one last run-through of your place after your movers have loaded the truck.
  • Put your valuables and financial documents in your car and head over to your new home. These will be necessary to prove any tax-deductible expenses.
  • Tell your movers where you’d like everything placed and let them do the heavy lifting for you. 
  • Double check your inventory list to ensure everything made it with you. 
  • Unpack your bedding and toiletries and make your bed, so you’re ready for a shower and good night’s sleep.

The Days After the Move

  • Confirm all of your records and utilities have been forwarded and transferred.
  • Go grocery shopping. Having food in the house will make it feel a bit more like home, and provide snacks for the unpacking process.
  • Explore your new neighborhood.
  • Throw a housewarming party and enjoy your new home!

Smooth Move People

Moving takes planning. Smooth Move People is here to help! Let us know what you need — packing materials, boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape, labeling materials, etc. — and we’ll either provide them to you as part of our moving services or let you know how best to gather those items.

We offer professional packing services to ensure that your items will be packed thoughtfully and with care. 

We can even remind you to keep a box of essentials that we’ll load last and unload first. This box can contain bath towels, toiletries, bed sheets, clothing, electronic chargers, and more.

And remember: Time flies! Two months may seem like a long time, but the days will go by quickly, especially since there’s so much to do.

But don’t stress. Smooth Move People has you covered.

Get in touch with us today!

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