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Planning to move to a new home or apartment? There are plenty of things to do and find out about, possibly including asking moving insurance questions. These may be running through your mind as you get your belongings packed and the details of your move organized.

Most renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies won’t cover the cost of damaged or lost possessions that happen during your move. That is why many people choose to get moving insurance.

So let’s go over some moving insurance questions. This is just a broad overview. If you need specific info on types of coverage, full-value protection, renter’s insurance (or home insurance), liability coverage, basic coverage included with your policies, or federal laws, please consult with your insurance agent.

In addition, there are other things to learn about, including released value protection, info on how to file a claim for damaged items, how to cover items and moving costs, and lots more.

But here’s some general information to get you started.

What is moving insurance?

This type of insurance covers the damage or loss of your belongings during your move. Sometimes moving puts things at risk for theft or damage and having a quality moving insurance policy can help reimburse you for any issues that happen during the process of moving.

Types of moving insurance

There are a few different types of moving insurance options and whichever one you choose will determine how much reimbursement you will get if your items are damaged or lost during the move.

Full replacement: This is the most comprehensive type of insurance you can get. If you choose this insurance, you will get full cash value for any possessions that are lost or damaged in the move. This is the best option for those that have expensive items that want the most protection possible.

Declared value: In this type of insurance coverage, the entire shipment that you are moving is given a dollar amount, which is declared by you, the customer. This allows the insurance company to have a record of what your belongings cost. If something happens to your items during the move, you would get the depreciated value of that item.

Separate liability: All licensed movers carry this type of liability insurance. This insurance is the minimal amount of liability that needs to be provided to you by law. It’s free of charge.

With this insurance, you will not be able to get full coverage for damaged products. Check with your movers to determine what the minimum liability is for your state.

Smooth Move People: Additional Insurance Resources

In addition to the moving insurance options listed above, we’d also like to provide you with some details regarding the insurance options that Smooth Move People offers.

Released Value Protection (FREE): Goods will be valued at $.60 per pound per item. Smooth Move People provides this insurance for free with your move.

Replacement Cost Insurance ($85): Any item damaged during a move is covered for repair. If it is broken beyond repair, and if it is determined that it is the fault of the movers, the item will be replaced with a like item. This insurance costs just $85 and covers you up to $10,000.

If you are planning a move, let our licensed and experienced team at Smooth Move People help! Our affordable rates and reputation for quality and efficient moving services are some things you can count on. Contact us today to get your move scheduled.

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