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Choosing a moving date can be straightforward, or it can be tricky. You may have a window of several weeks during which you can move. But, many times, you don’t have much wiggle room.

Why You Need to Plan Ahead

Before you book with a Portland moving company, you’ll want to pinpoint the best day for the move. Both local moving companies and long-distance movers ask for a deposit to hold a date.

Because movers are often scheduled well in advance, it may not be possible to change your appointment at the last minute. If you have to cancel a move, you could lose your deposit.

Without careful planning, you could find yourself temporarily without a home, stuck in between your old home and the new one. Sometimes there’s no way to avoid this awkward state of limbo.

In those cases, most people stay in a hotel or short-term rental and place their things in storage. You’ll want to avoid this extra complication and expense if possible.

Settling on the best date to move is usually a matter of prioritizing. Most people weigh finances, professional and career considerations and the schedules of their school-age children.

Here’s how to choose a moving date:

Are You Moving for a Job?

If you’re relocating for a position in a different town, your start date will determine the time of your move. If you’re also juggling the purchase or sale of a home, or you have a lease, try negotiating a different starting date for your new job.

Whether you have a firm or flexible date, build time into your plan. A new job is easier if you’re settled in your new place.

Your Children’s School Schedule

Changing schools in the middle of the year is hard on kids. Many families try to time a move during the summer vacation. It’s not always possible to do that. Another option is to move between quarters or semesters.

Are You Buying a New Home?

When you buy a home, your move day will most often coincide with the home’s closing date plus the time to get the home move-in ready. Allow time for remodeling, cleaning and starting utilities.

Things get more complicated if you’re selling a home. You can try to negotiate the terms of a sale to suit your needs. Your real estate agent can assist you with these arrangements.

Do You Have a Lease?

Read your rental agreement. You may need to give a month’s notice before moving. If you break the contract, you’ll likely lose your deposit. Some people delay a move to avoid taking a loss. Weigh the relative benefits and risks of staying and going.

If you’re moving locally, from one Portland neighborhood to another, it might make sense to time the move to coincide with the end of the lease. For long-distance moves, you’ll have less flexibility.

Smooth Move People Takes The Stress Out of Moving

Relocating a household takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Two months is enough time for most people to plan a move. Moving is always a lot of work packing in a hurry is stressful.

Smooth Move People will make your move easier. We’ll take care of the packing and loading and keep your belongings safe. Contact us for an estimate.

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