About Smooth Move People

Smooth Move People, now Portland’s most reliable and affordable moving company, all started with one guy on a strawberry farm. His name is Greg. We’ll let him tell the rest of the story:

I started off as a musician, playing about six nights a week in bars and clubs all around the West Coast. I loved the music, but I was over the late hours. And the smoky bars.

I’d decided to move to my sister’s strawberry farm in Sandy, OR. I didn’t have much to my name, I was still pretty young, but I did have a truck (it was the one the band used to move our equipment).

I’d thought about doing deliveries, but I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to be doing. I started scanning the nickel ads (this was back in the 80s, mind you), and saw someone asking for a mover. I gave him a call and introduced myself, told him about myself and, most importantly, that I’d never moved someone before.

“That’s fine!” he said. “When can you get here?”

When I showed up, it turned out the first person I moved…was this man’s mother.

Fortunately it all worked out okay. Actually it was better than okay, it was great. I started to get more business. People liked me – I had a good personality, I was efficient and I was professional. I’d always get compliments from the people I moved, so I kept doing it.

Over the next few years I kept buying trucks and working with more people. Eventually, I’d decided to buy a building and open up a moving company.

Turns out that was the smartest decision I ever made.

What Makes Our Moving Services Different

Here’s the difference between Smooth Move People and other moving companies: we own everything. The trucks, the building, all of it. That means we don’t have to pay monthly leases. It also means we can offer the lowest rates in the state.

We tell people that as soon as they call – we are the lowest rates moving company in all of Portland. They won’t believe us at first – they’ll shop around and try to find lower rates, but they’ll end up calling back. Those lower rates just don’t exist elsewhere as we are the lowest ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) rate in the state.

And that, along with our professionalism and efficiency, are why people call us time and time again.

   Portland: 503-232-6099
Vancouver: 360-696-3964 

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