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Your furniture is an investment, and when you move, expenses add up left and right. You don’t want to have to add buying new furniture to the list of rising costs because your drawers fell out of your dresser and broke mid-move or your white couch brushed up against a dirty car or, as is incredibly common in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it’s raining and your beautiful oak sideboard. Here’s how to pack furniture properly and protect your upholstery from tearing and glass from breaking when you’re moving.

Pack Furniture Properly with the Right Supplies

Your move will be shaky from the beginning if you are only armed with boxes and packing tape. An essential packing supply that is often overlooked, is plastic shrink wrap. This is essentially what you’d use to wrap leftovers in, just much, much bigger in size. The great thing about this stretch wrap is that it when applied to dressers or cabinets, it protects drawers from falling out or doors from opening and banging into things. Additionally, if you accidentally scrape a wall when moving a clunky piece of furniture, your wall and furniture are protected. No extensive wall and furniture repairs.

Don’t skip the bubble wrap either. While you may feel like this is an unnecessary extravagance pushed by the packing conglomerates, bubble wrap is one of those items that feels indispensable after you’ve wrapped your glasses, vases, even your picture frames. Broken glass is a frustration you don’t need on a day where tensions can already be running high. Take the right steps to prepare before you even start to pack furniture, and you’re already on the right track.

Clean and Disassemble Furniture

You might be thinking “why would I clean and take apart my furniture before I move it when I can save time by not taking it apart at all?” You should take apart any piece of furniture that can be disassembled safely and easily, because not only will it be easier to move, it will be easier to protect with the aforementioned supplies. Cleaning the furniture before you move means you won’t be moving the dirt from your old place to your new one.

To keep your furniture pieces together and make it easier on you in the moving process, here are a few easy tips to follow when taking apart your furniture:

  • Do the disassembling ahead of time. This way you aren’t under a time constraint, and can focus fully on the task.
  • If you still have the owner’s manual, and can locate it, consult it to ensure that you’re taking apart your furniture the right way.
  • Collect your screws in a sealable plastic bag and tape it to your furniture so when you get to your new home, you aren’t missing the essential pieces necessary to put your furniture back together. Otherwise, the disassembly of your furniture to make it easier to move is kind of negated by missing screws.

When in Doubt, Call Professional Portland Movers

If you’re struggling with the idea of wrapping and packing your furniture so that both your walls and your furniture is protected, consider calling in the pros. Professional moving companies like Smooth Move People can pack your things and load your truck for you. While we can’t speak for the other guys, here at Smooth Move People, we are really, really good at protecting your belongings. By having us pack for you, you can avoid all of the stress that’s usually associated with packing up your entire home.

On the other hand, if this blog post has left you feeling confident and ready to take on the packing process to protect your furniture, we can provide you with all of the supplies you’ll need to get your furniture ready to move safely. We have everything you’ll need to leave your walls unscathed and your furniture un-dented.

Portland, Oregon Moving Company

If you’re moving soon and want to pack furniture correctly so it’s protected from careless movers or well-meaning friends, call Smooth Move People today. We can handle every aspect of your move so it’s as stress-free as possible. We have the lowest rates and highest quality service around.

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