Packing Companies Near Me? It’s Always A Smooth Move

For three decades and counting, Smooth Move People has been helping people just like you who’ve been scouring the internet, searching for the phrase packing companies near me.

Well, here you are! And here we are — ready to provide the best in packing services, moving services, moving supplies, and just plain ol’ advice on how to make the most of your move. This remains true whether you’re moving across town or across the country.

In fact, we provide full-service moving services in Portland and elsewhere for residential and commercial entities. Add to the list of services: loading and unloading — and, of course, the topic at hand: packing services and supplies.

Smooth Move People's moving crew's packing and supply servicePacking Services and Supplies

When you search for packing companies near me, you should find Smooth Move People right there on the first page. Why? Because Smooth Move has all the answers. Need a reliable mover near Portland OR, Vancouver WA, or somewhere outside those metro areas? Give us a call.

Moving is exciting; packing is not. For most people, the thrill of relocating to a new home is diminished a bit when they’re confronted with the tremendous number and variety of items that need to be safely packed away.

Why drive yourself crazy when you can just drive yourself to your new home while Smooth Move People does the hard work for you? We’ll do a great job as your personal packing and moving company. Ask around; you’ll see we come highly recommended.

Packing Companies: Experts at Smooth Move People

In addition to harnessing our status as the expert packing company in Portland (and beyond), we know how best to pack your belongings, what boxes to use, and how best to arrange them on the truck. We have years of experience determining how best to move things from one place to another, so you know you’ll have a worry-free moving experience.

Smooth Move People won’t overlook anything, and we won’t leave anything behind. We can supply the supplies or use yours. Whatever needs to be done to make your move smooth, we’ll get it done. You can even pack a little and leave a little. Or pack a little and leave a lot. Our goal is to provide you with the best packing services at unbeatable prices.

If you do choose to use our supplies, here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Boxes (new, used, wardrobe, art, standard sizes, single items, larger items, more)
  • Dish pack
  • Paper pads
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap

So leave the packing process — heck, the entire moving process — to us. Think of Smooth Move People as your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. Local moves, long-distance moves, packing materials, and more.

And don’t forget: We’re the place to shop for storage boxes, moving crates, and more — even used boxes!

All for you at great rates with just a phone call or a note on our contact page.

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