We Provide Community Moving Services

Certain businesses are always moving people in and out, due to the nature of their industry. We like to offer partnerships with these companies. Given that we offer the lowest possible rates, companies are happy to take on this partnership.

Every time one of their tenant moves, we’re the company they call. It’s about having a consistent and reliable moving company as part of your tool belt.

We especially like to be a reliable moving company for Portland businesses, the place we’ve called home for over 20 years.

People we currently serve are:

  • Real estate agents
  • Property managers
  • Retirement homes
  • Veteran services/transition projects
  • Showrooms and property showcases

Our past and current clients include:

  • Native American Society
  • Transition Projects International (TPI)
  • Bonaventure (retirement community)
  • Clackamas County Social Services
  • Block 17

The essential value is that, when you have three or four moves to do per month (like in an apartment building, or for selling homes to new buyers), you have a moving company on dial that you know will work quickly. Oh, and offer the lowest rates in Portland, OR.

We’re also pretty easy to work with. We’re a family business; that means you call and it’s the owner who answers the phone.

This is not a subscription service. You are not beholden to a contract or anything – we just want to be the company you rely on when you need frequent moves.

If you are interested in a partnership, here’s what to do next:

Give us a call at (503) 444-8936 (even if you don’t need a move right now). We’d like to chat and get to know your business, how often you need moving services. That way, when you’re ready for a move, we know exactly how many people to send and can give you an accurate estimate.

Ready to partner? Call Smooth Move People at (503) 444-8936

   Portland: 503-232-6099
Vancouver: 360-696-3964 

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