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Moving day is quickly approaching. Do you have a plan together? Make sure you know the correct way to pack those breakable, fragile items you’re taking with you. Here are some easy tips for packing with the right amount of TLC:

Be Prepared Ahead of Time

When you are packing up fragile dishware, knick knacks, collectibles and other fragile items, you don’t want to just wing it last minute. It takes time to do it properly, so if you aren’t hiring movers to pack your valuables for you, give yourself plenty of time in advance of moving day so you aren’t rushing through it.

Do You Have “The Right Stuff?”

In order to pack fragile items properly, you need to be equipped to do so in the first place. Be sure to have quality boxes that will adequately support your valuables, which includes bubble wrap, packing paper, pliable cardboard, and of course scissors and packing tape. Avoiding newspapers when appropriate is ideal, since the ink can rub off. It’s also ideal if you have a table that is large enough to serve as your workstation for packing fragile items.

Packing Common Fragile Items

Now let’s take a look at how to pack the fragile-but-necessary items.

Pack your plates vertically and wrap each one in bubble wrap or packing paper and secure with clear packing tape. Place paper between each plate. Use boxes that provide some space, but not so much that the cushioning might cave in. Conversely, don’t over pack the box where any moderate external pressure may damage the plates.

Wrap glassware individually with packing paper. Then crumple paper to be placed inside glasses that are reasonably large, to give them support. Line your boxes with paper on the bottom, top and sides. Place your heaviest glasses on the bottom, but be sure to mark which side needs to be kept up.

Pack your lamp shades separate from the bases. Place each in a box that is upright (flat side down) with plenty of paper. Bases should be packed with bubble wrap.

Framed pictures should be wrapped in packing paper and placed in boxes that are lined with paper. If they are over eight inches in any direction, pack them standing up with crumpled paper in between each frame. Place more packing paper on top to keep them secure. Pictures over three feet long need to be wrapped in plastic and secured with a moving blanket.

Oddly-shaped items are the most challenging, or at the very least, demand the most thought prior to packing. Wrap protruding pieces well with bubble wrap and secure with tape. Place each item on a piece of pliable cardboard, with another piece of cardboard on top of it. Be sure you use enough tape, since a little can come undone pretty easily. Once the item is placed in the box, stuff it with plenty of packing paper.

It should go without saying, but don’t forget one of the last steps in packing fragile items: mark the box as “fragile” for movers or anyone who is handling it on its way to your new home.

If you have questions about moving fragile or oddly-shaped items, call the Smooth Move People! Our team would be delighted to help!

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