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If you’re planning to move, there’s a lot of preparation ahead. You’re probably wondering where to get boxes. You’re cleaning out closets. And, you’re no doubt rounding up documents and finalizing paperwork.

Moving is stressful, but we’re here to help. We are a full-service moving company. Smooth Move People will take care of the packing and moving for you. But, we know some people prefer to do some of the work themselves. So we’ve assembled a few of the best moving do’s and don’ts.

Don’t Wait To Get Packing Materials

Assemble packing supplies in advance. You can buy all you need from Smooth Move People. We carry boxes for everything from clothing to artwork. Many people use a combination of materials they have and boxes and padding they get from moving companies. You may be able to obtain good quality boxes for free by asking a friend who has recently moved, asking at a supermarket or even by checking on Craigslist. However, give a pass to flimsy boxes. They put your belongings at risk.

Do Pack and Label Ahead of Time

Procrastination adds to your stress. Waiting until the last day to pack, will make you feel out of control. If you run out of time to organize and label, you’ll feel completely frustrated when you get to your new place and can’t find anything. When you’re packing, don’t forget to prepare a box or suitcase with the items you’ll need during the first 24 hours in your new home. Having the essentials within reach will help you feel at home.

Do Ask for Help

Everyone needs a helping hand. Smooth Move People team members are courteous and efficient. We can help with all or part of your move. We’ll even assemble furniture and place it where you want it.

Do Hire a Babysitter

It can be an added stress to take care of kids on moving day.  If the children are too young to help in the moving process, hire a babysitter for a few hours. It’s especially important to keep the kids safe when you’re moving bulky items.

Don’t Forget to Turn on Utilities

If your water, heat, and lights are up and running in your new space on moving day or even the day before that, you will be a lot more comfortable. You’ll thank yourself later for being proactive with this step.

Do Enjoy a New Start

Moving is a new start. During your move, take the time purge items you no longer want. Enjoy learning about a new neighborhood. Make friends with your neighbors. Relax and enjoy.

As great as these tips are, they can’t take the work out of moving. If you decide that you prefer a moving company in Portland to take care of the details, contact us for help.

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