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Are you getting ready to move? There will be a few different household items that will require a bit more attention to detail – not just when you are moving, but when you’re packing, too. Your computer monitor is one of those things. It is expensive and fragile, so you will want to be sure you have the right packing technique to keep it in perfect condition. Here are some tips on how to pack a monitor.

Prepare the Monitor

Before you unhook your computer, make sure you have the right size cardboard boxes to pack everything up. Measure your computer monitor to make sure the box will fit it securely.

You don’t want a box that’s too big that causes the monitor to shift during the move. If you have the original monitor box, that would be ideal to use.

Add Padding

Fill the bottom part of the box with bubble wrap or thick packing paper. This will be used as padding. Next, wrap the monitor in the protective wrapping as tight as possible.

Next, put it in the box and make sure all the empty space around the monitor is filled with paper or bubble wrap so it doesn’t move when lifted.

Pack the box

When you get to your new space, you will want to set up your computer workstation right away.

So, be sure you label the outside of the box clearly so you can locate the monitor easily. In addition, clearly label ‘fragile’ on the outside of the box in large, bold letters in several spots on the box. This way, anyone moving the box will be extra careful when lifting or setting it down.

So there you have it! That’s how to pack a monitor.

Our team at Smooth Move People, a Portland moving company, understands how overwhelming moving can be. There’s so much to think about: packing materials (packing peanuts, packing tape, plastic bags, used or new original boxes, etc.), choosing what to pack and ship and what to let the movers handle.

Smooth Move People’s expert crew of movers will help with wrapping your computer, (laptop or desktop computer), packing your computer tower and monitor, and more.

We are experienced in helping with each part of the moving process. Whether it’s helping you get the van loaded with all of the big, heavy items, or making sure that everything is delivered to your new living space on time, working with us means you have one less thing to worry about.

Contact us today to get your move scheduled with us!

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