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The Portland metro holds around 2.5 million people and encompasses a wide range of urban and suburban areas. With the Columbia River to the north, the Willamette River bisecting the city, and enough forest lands nearby, the area is a paradise for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

And while Portland is the main draw, there are several areas surrounding the city that appeal to individuals and families alike. And Smooth Move People provide moving services to each and everyone one of them. Whether you’re moving into a high-rise apartment in downtown or a three-bedroom ranch in the suburbs, we’ll take care of your stuff.


The largest city in the state of Oregon, Portland has a little bit of everything. Food carts for people on the go and dive bars for those that just want to linger. But there are also plenty of opportunities to don that black tie (or little black dress) for more formal affairs.

There’s a diverse art scene featuring small local galleries as well as the Portland Art Museum, the oldest such facility on the west coast. But Portland also has a quirkier side, lampooned in the popular “Portlandia” TV series. While some residents are a little chilly to that kind of attention, satire is always ground in a little bit of truth.

Portland housing is just as diverse as its personality. High-rise condos, first-time buyers, and studio apartment renters all have a place in Portland. No matter where you’re moving to in Portland, Smooth Move People will take care of you.


While Portland may be the economic and entertainment hub of Oregon, some residents prefer to come home to a less hectic pace. Connected to Portland via Highway 26 as well as a light rail line, Beaverton residents can easily get their fill of the big city before coming back home.

Which isn’t to say Beaverton doesn’t have a lot going for it. Named by “Money” magazine as one of the top 100 small cities to live, Beaverton is home to Nike, the world’s largest sports brand. As part of the “Silicon Forest,” Textronix and a division of IBM are also located here.

So what’s the appeal? With more than 100 parks covering 1,000 acres, miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, and a quality school district, Beaverton is a huge draw for families. Looking to move your family to Beaverton? Give us a call. We’ll take care of the hard stuff so you don’t have to.


Located just south of Portland, Clackamas has just about everything for everyone. With it’s close proximity to Oregon’s largest city, nightlife, entertainment, and all the other big city amenities are just 20 minutes away. And you won’t have to pay big city prices for housing.

For families, you don’t even have to leave the area. The North Clackamas Aquatic Park features Oregon’s largest wave pool, a splash zone for toddlers, a lap pool for adults, and even a 29-foot rock wall. Clackamas Town Center has more than 160 stores, ideal for back to school shopping or a teenager hang out.

When moving to Clackamas, it’s important to make sure everything arrives in one piece. Smooth Move People have been moving people to Clackamas and the surrounding areas for more nearly 30 years. We have the experience to pack your stuff up, deliver, and then unpack it all with nary a scratch. Call us today.


East of Portland, Gresham is on the way to the winter wonderland that is Mt. Hood. With several areas to ski, including Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows, and plenty of other places for sledding or snowshoeing, Mt. Hood has a little bit of everything. And when the snow melts, get out the hiking boots and mountain bikes.

Not that there isn’t plenty to do in Gresham. The annual Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, 17 acres of parks, and a historic downtown area full of shops and dining are enough to keep you close to home. But you’re still close enough to take in everything Portland has to offer.

Want more living space than you can find in Portland. Smooth Move People will help you make the move to Gresham. We’ll provide the materials, disassemble larger pieces of furniture, and pack everything into our trucks. We’ll also unpack it, too – even if you’re apartment is on the third floor! We look forward to hearing from you.


On the west side of Portland, Hillsboro is the last town in the metro as you head to the beach. That’s the great thing about this part of the Pacific Northwest. Travel 90 minutes west and you’ll hit the coast. Go the other way and you’ll be hitting the slopes.

Of course, you can’t spend all your time on a surfboard or a snowboard. Well, most of us can’t anyway. Luckily for Hillsboro residents, there’s plenty to do close to home. With Ron Tonkin Field and Hillsboro Stadium, you can catch a baseball game in the summer and college football in the fall.

A state park, aquatic center, farmers market, and plenty of parks, the city has much to offer individuals and families alike. Maybe that’s why tech companies like Intel, Epson, and Salesforce all have facilities in the Hillsboro. Planning a move to Hillsboro? Give us a call.


One of the most affluent suburbs of Portland, Lake Oswego is located just south of the city. And although first impressions of the city are multi-million dollar homes surrounding Oswego Lake, there are areas for those of us in a lower tax bracket. But no matter if you live in a lakeside mansion or a two-bedroom Craftsman, Lake Oswego has a lot to offer its residents.

Especially if you want to get outdoors. There are more than 460 acres of natural parks and almost 24 miles of interconnecting paths and trails. Excellent schools, proximity to Portland, and a downtown full of shops and restaurants make Lake Oswego an attractive place to live.

No matter if you’re moving to the lake or something a little more modest, Smooth Move People will treat your stuff with the same level of care. Whether it’s caring for antique tables or overpowering a hide-a-bed, we can handle it all.


A mix of industrial use, business parks, and neighborhoods give the city of Milwaukie a diverse feel. But it’s a small slice of access to a nearby waterway that is giving the city a brand new look. A renewed interest in the Willamette waterfront is turning downtown Milwaukie into a true gem of the region.

And the rest of the downtown area is enjoying a revitalization of its own. With updated restaurants, new shops, and an improved nightlife, the city is experiencing a resurgence. Along with the retail boom, residential construction is also seeing growth in the downtown area. With new apartments being built, there are plenty of options for housing in Milwaukie.

If you’re planning a move to Milwaukie, give us a call. Let us take care of the difficult stuff so you’ll have more time to check out the waterfront.


Although Oregon City was the last stop on the Oregon Trail, it offers a new beginning for people moving to the town. Whether it’s for work, family, or another reason, Oregon City is a wonderful place to put down stakes. Steeped in history, it offers much more affordable housing than it’s neighbor to the north.

Once you’ve soaked up all the history Oregon City has to offer, there’s still plenty to do. Go up (or down) the Municipal Elevator, take in the Willamette Falls, or enjoy music in the park at the End of the Oregon Trail. Parks, trails, and a community pool round are just a few more ways Oregon City residents can spend their time.

Moving to Oregon City, where the pace of life is just a little bit slower than Portland? Call on Smooth Move People. We’ll pack fast, load fast, and unload fast. That way you can just take it easy.


One of the southernmost suburbs of Portland, Tigard is still connected to the bigger city by Interstate 5. Featuring several parks for families to play, Tigard is also home to Washington Square Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the state of Oregon. During the Rose Festival, the Festival of Balloons is held near the high school, featuring hot air balloons of all designs and colors.

Although Portland is just 10 miles up I-5, there is still plenty of shopping to be had in Tigard. Mostly made up of residential neighborhoods, there are still a wide array of business parks, containing everything from motorcycle dealers, outdoor outfitters, and indoor cart racing.

With housing prices more affordable than other parts of the area, Tigard is an attractive destination for families, empty-nesters, and individuals. If you’re moving to Tigard, give us a call. We’ll take care of everything.


If you’ve ever made the trip up the Columbia River Gorge from Portland, chances are you drove past Troutdale. Acting as the western gateway to the Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale is the last major stopping point before hitting Hood River some 45 minutes east.

But it’s more than a place to gas up. In fact, Troutdale is home to one of the best place to stay the night in all of Oregon. The Edgefield Hotel – the crown jewel in the McMenamins brewpub and hotel empire. Situated on 38 acres, plenty of restaurants, bars, and even a nine-hole golf course are found on the property. There’s even an outdoor amphitheater that features local and touring acts throughout the summer.

But you’re moving here, not staying a night or two. Contact Smooth Move People to help with the move. That way you’ll have more time to enjoy a pint or two in your new city.


The southernmost of all Portland suburbs along I-5, the city experienced some major growth in the 1970s. In 1975, the downtown Urban Renewal Agency was established, improving the business district, creating more parks, and generally making the area more attractive. Tualatin Population grew nearly 900 percent to more than 7,000 residents during the decade.

Businesses took note and began moving operations to the city and the number of residents doubled during the next decade. But there’s more to do that just work in Tualatin. The Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is located just west of the city and there’s even a country club with an 18-hole golf course.

Planning on making Tualatin your home in the near future? Smooth Move People will remove the stress of moving so you have more time to explore your new city.


Located north of the Columbia River, Vancouver is the largest city in Southwest Washington and the fourth largest in the State of Washington. As home prices skyrocket in Portland, Vancouver has become home to many former Oregonians. Surroundings areas, such as Camas, Washougal, and Ridgefield are also experiencing growth.

Taking full advantage of the Columbia River, Vancouver is in the middle of a waterfront revitalization. With a new pier, new restaurants, and new residential housing, downtown Vancouver is becoming a destination. But there’s always an eye towards their history – Officer’s Row features many buildings over 150 years old.

If you’re preparing to make the move over the river, Smooth Move People can help. Let us know where and when, and we’ll be there to take care of everything.

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