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Wondering about electronics recycling in Portland? You’re not alone.

If you are planning on decluttering and getting rid of excess items in your home before you move, chances are you have some old, outdated electronics that you don’t need anymore.

There are plenty of places nearby where you can legally dispose of your electronics in an environmentally friendly way.

If you have any questions about residential, commercial, or office moves, or want to know more about electronics recycling in Portland, contact the moving experts at Smooth Move People.

In the meantime, for all your unwanted types of electronics, including computer peripherals, keyboards, and mice, check out a few sites below to see if they’ll accommodate you.

Oregon E-Cycles

This organization takes up to seven computers (desktops, laptops, or tablets), monitors, televisions, and printers at a time for free. Computer accessories, such as mice and keyboards, are also accepted here.

There are multiple Oregon E-Cycle sites around Portland and surrounding areas. Find site addresses and hours.

Green Century Recycling

Founded in 2008, this organization recycles electronics for free. Pick-up service at your home is $75. Items such as computers, laptops, monitors, cell phones, copy machines, printers, routers, DVD players, stereos, cameras, and more are accepted.

However, ink, DVDs, floppy discs, or cassette tapes are not accepted.

Schedule a pickup or view hours and drop-off locations.

Free Geek

This organization accepts smartphones, computers, tablets, printers, televisions, audio and video systems, and various related accessories. They do not accept plastic media, such as VHS tapes, CDs, batteries, and plastic foam (sometimes inaccurately referred to as “Styrofoam”). Look for donation guidelines, drop-off location, and hours information.

R.S. Davis Recycling

This company accepts laptops, desktops, circuit boards, network cards, satellite equipment, cell phones (with or without batteries), hard drives, servers, and more. For information on when and where to donate, visit their website.

All Green

Schedule a pickup with this company or drop off electronics at designated drop-off locations. They accept televisions, laptops, cables, wires, DVD players and VCRs, mobile phones, iPods, calculators, and toner cartridges.

Mike & Dad’s Hauling Expert Junk Removal

This outfit accepts electronics such as computers, keyboards, monitors, cell phones, old office or home phones, televisions, VCRs, stereos, and more. Click for details on removal.

STS Electronic Recycling

This organization offers safe and secure computer recycling and computer liquidation services, in addition to data destruction services. Learn more about guidelines, service offerings, and location information.

Smooth Move People provides these links as a courtesy and convenience for our site visitors. This blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the products, services, or opinions of these organizations and/or businesses. Thus, we are not responsible for the accuracy, legality, or content related to these sites. Contact the site owners for details about their specific services.

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