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Troutdale is a small town north of Gresham that serves as a gateway to the stunning Columbia River Gorge, in addition to the Historic Columbia River Highway and the Mount Hood Scenic Byway. The city has roots that date back to the 1850s, where it was named by pioneer John Harlow for the trout pond near his home. There is a historic water tower that was built in 1920 still stands as a prominent feature in the city.

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From aluminum to beer

Reynolds Aluminum was the largest employer in Troutdale for quite a long time, which was established in 1941 to help provide aluminum for the war. However, the plant ended up closing in 2000. Today, the largest employers include FedExGround, Amazon, and Reynolds School District. The city is also well known for a 38-acre brewpub and entertainment venue, McMenamin’s Edgefield. In 2016, it was estimated that there were about 16,600 people, and ever since, the town has continued to grow.

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More and more people are discovering the quaint town of Troutdale

More and more people are discovering the quaint town of Troutdale. With proximity to Portland and convenient and quick access to the breathtaking Columbia Gorge, there are a variety of neighborhoods in the area available for individuals and families alike to settle down in.

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