Affordable Long Distance Moves

Many individuals believe that the most affordable long distance moves are handled by themselves. However, they often overlook additional costs such as gas, rental fees, and potential labor expenses. In reality, this DIY approach can end up being more costly and physically demanding compared to hiring a professional moving company. After a 2,000-mile journey, the idea of unloading a truck on your own may not seem very appealing.

That’s why as your trusted Portland movers we have the LOWEST RATES!!!

People hire us because we’re the most affordable long-distance, full-service moving company in the country. We can offer the best rates because we own most of our equipment.

Moving a commercial business long distance has its own unique challenges, although many of the same stresses of a residential local move are present as well. Smooth Move People have been offering affordable long-distance moves for commercial businesses for decades and we understand the nuances of moving a conference room table as well as a dining room table.

No job is too big or too small for our long-distance moving company and our customer service can’t be matched. We ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible and answer any questions you may have about the moving process. We also provide you with a FREE no-obligation moving quote.

Once you have decided to use our moving services, including loading, unloading, moving, and packing services, we will send a team of professional movers to your business location to carefully pack up all of your office furniture and equipment. We understand that time is money, so we will work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

After your belongings have been loaded onto our moving trucks, they will be driven to your new location. We will unload everything and place it exactly where you want it in your new office space. We can also store your belongings for a few days if you need us to.

Commercial Long Distance Movers

Smooth Move People has been in the moving business for three decades. In that time, we’ve met people who chose not to hire long-distance moves because they think they’ll save money by doing it all themselves.

Well, we’re here to tell ya: That’s not always the case. Long-distance moving companies, such as Smooth Move People, understand and anticipate the many hidden and not-so-hidden costs that the layperson doesn’t consider.

For example, here are just a few of the costs that long-distance moving companies in Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere know all about:

  • Fuel
  • Truck Rental Rates
  • Wear and tear on personal vehicles (tires, engine, etc.)
  • Labor costs (loading and unloading)
  • Food and lodging along the way

And that’s just off the top of our heads. And think about the size of your current location, the cubicles, desks, computers, office chairs, and everything else that’s coming with you. You have a business to run, do you want to wrap all of the monitors in the office to make sure they’re safe and secure during the move?

Long Distance Moving Costs

Relocating over a long distance entails a multitude of expenses that can accumulate rapidly, making the financial burden quite significant. Additionally, the physical and mental strain of managing a long-distance move independently is undeniably daunting and exhausting, emphasizing the considerable advantages of enlisting the services of a professional long-distance moving company.

Even if you find yourself in a position where you have the financial resources and time to spare, opting for a long-distance moving company is a prudent decision. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that every aspect of the relocation process will be expertly handled is invaluable. From packing to transportation and unloading, every detail is meticulously taken care of, alleviating a significant amount of stress and ensuring a smooth transition to your new location.

While some individuals may still harbor doubts about the benefits of hiring a long-distance moving company, it’s essential to consider the broader perspective. Our conviction lies in the fact that those who remain skeptical simply haven’t explored our competitive rates. As the most cost-effective long-distance movers in the region, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled value, although our rates are already as low as they can possibly go due to regulations in Oregon.

Maybe some people are still not convinced that hiring a long-distance moving company is the way to go. Well, we’re convinced–convinced that those people HAVEN’T SEEN OUR RATES!!! We are the most affordable long-distance movers in the area, and that’s just because Oregon won’t let us go any lower!

What to Think About When Moving Your Business

Just like a residential move, there is a checklist of items that need to be taken care of before moving day. Follow this list of things to do in addition to loading, moving, and unloading office equipment.

  • Notify your customers, clients, and suppliers about your relocation: Failing to update your address with the post office could result in missing important bills. Similarly, neglecting to update your business address could lead to missed opportunities for potential business.
  • Update Online Information: Nothing is more frustrating as a customer than showing up to a business ready to buy and discovering the company has moved. Update your website information, online business directories, and other listings on the web.
  • Transfer your utilities: Depending on how this is handled–do you own the building or are you renting/leasing–make sure to let the utility company know you’re moving. It’s hard enough keeping the lights on in one building: Why pay for two buildings?
  • Terminate or change any leases you may have: This should have been done months ahead of the move, especially if there are clauses in the property agreement. However, make sure you have your new location ready to go beforehand. You don’t want to be stuck in a holding pattern–and lose potential business–during a move.

When It Comes To Affordable Long Distance Moves, Smooth Move People Is A Clear Choice!

There are a lot of long-distance moving companies in Portland, Oregon. But our customers turn to us because they know we’re the most affordable long-distance moving company in the country. We can offer the best rates because we own most of our equipment.

From humble beginnings, Smooth Move People has become the best long-distance moving company in Portland, OR. Heck, we’re the best moving company period.

Over our hundreds of long-distance moves, we’ve kept a nearly perfect track record in terms of damaged items. It’s crazy; that’s like a wide receiver who’s never dropped a pass.

We’ve accomplished that for a few reasons. One, we only send our best and most experienced drivers for these types of moves. Two, we can’t afford mistakes; we are a small company, so we work hard to make sure that every move is perfect.

And just to be on the safe side, we still offer free moving insurance policies.

Secrets About The Moving Industry

Speaking of “small companies,” here’s a little secret about the moving industry: Those large, national moving companies like to maximize their “load” over a long-distance move. That means they’ll load and unload as they go from town to town so they can make as many moves (and dollars) as possible.

We get that; it’s smart business sense. But we don’t need to do that, so we don’t. We focus on one move at a time. It’s a truck for your stuff. Your belongings are essentially getting FedEx’d across the country. So for one, your stuff is guaranteed to arrive on time, and two, your stuff won’t come out smelling like someone else’s (trust us, certain house stenches just don’t go away).

Not to mention, who wants to spend the first few nights in their new house sleeping on the floor?

Moving across the country is a big deal. This is your new life, after all.

Long Distance Moving Companies in Portland, Oregon

Of all the long-distance moving companies in Portland, Oregon, Smooth Move People is simply the best. We tell people as soon as they call that we’re the lowest rates moving company in all of Portland. They usually don’t believe us at first. They’ll shop around (something we encourage!) and try to find lower rates, but they’ll end up calling us back.

Professionalism, safety, courtesy, honesty, integrity, efficiency — and the lowest rates in the biz.

That’s Smooth Move People. Call us today and let us take the stress out of it!

Moving across the country is a big deal. This is your new life, after all.

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