Long Distance Movers

People think by doing long distance moves themselves that they’re saving a bunch of money. For one, they don’t account for gas, rental rates and possible labor costs. It quietly becomes more expensive—and far, far more laborious—than having a company do it for you (after a 2,000 mile haul, are you really ready to unload that truck yourself?).

Those people also haven’t seen our rates.

People hire us because we’re the most affordable long distance moving company in the country. We can offer the best rates because we own most of our equipment.

From humble beginnings, Smooth Move People has become the best moving company in Portland, OR.  Over our hundreds of long distance moves, we’ve kept a nearly perfect track record in terms of damaged items. It’s crazy; that’s like a wide receiver who’s never dropped a pass.

We’ve accomplished that for a few reasons. One, we only send our best and most experienced drivers for these types of moves. Two, we can’t afford mistakes; we are a small company, every move needs to be perfect. And just to be on the safe side, we still offer a free insurance policy.

Speaking of ‘small companies’, here’s a little secret about the moving industry: those large, national moving companies like to maximize their ‘load’ over a long distance move. That means they’ll load and unload as they go from town to town, so they can make as many moves (and dollars) as possible.

We get that; it’s smart business sense. But we don’t need to do that, so we don’t. We focus on one move at a time. It’s a truck for your stuff – your belongings are essentially getting FedEx’d across the country. So for one, your stuff is guaranteed to arrive on time, and two, your stuff won’t come out smelling like someone else’s (trust us, certain house stenches just don’t go away).

Not to mention, who wants to spend the first few nights in their new house sleeping on the floor?

Moving across the country is a big deal. This is your new life, after all.

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