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Oregon City is located on the Willamette River, near the southern portion of the Portland metro area. It was founded by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1829 and in 1844 it was recognized as the first incorporated city west of the Rockies. The city had a large role in the history of Oregon and was the site of large paper mills as well as a lumber mill in the 1800s. The city was the last stop along the Oregon Trail. It also served as the capital of the Oregon Territory from 1848 to 1851 and there were several governors during that time.

In 1846, the newspaper the Oregon Spectator was founded, which was the first American newspaper published on the west side of the Rockies. Today, the city is home to several comfortable neighborhoods including the Canemah neighborhood, Barclay Hills neighborhood, Two Rivers neighborhood, Park Place neighborhood, Rivercrest neighborhood, Tower Vista neighborhood, and several others.

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Oregon City

More and more people are discovering the history and convenience of Oregon City.

More and more people are discovering the history and convenience of Oregon City. With proximity to Portland and affordable housing options, it is a desirable area to live in. Considering a move to this community? Hiring a reliable moving company can help make your move a breeze. If you’re looking for moving companies in Oregon City or other local movers in Oregon City, Smooth Move People is ready to help get you moved as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can start enjoying your new space.


Our business is to make your move as smooth as possible

We are experienced in helping individuals, families, and businesses get settled into their new homes or apartments in the Oregon City area. No matter how big or small your move is, our experienced team of moving professionals can help get everything moved safely and efficiently. Our goal is to help get you into your new space with ease, so you can get on with the excitement of living in a new place.

Our business is to make your move as smooth as possible, so if you’re planning to make a move to Oregon City, check out our services and rates to see how we can help. We are standing by to talk to you about the specific details of your move!



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