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Have you been a do-it-yourself mover in the past? There’s nothing wrong with DIY moving. If you’re young and don’t have many possessions, it’s pretty easy to move on your own.

Pack a few boxes, get your buddies to help you out, wrestle the couch down the stairs, make a few new scratches on the door frame. Boom. Done. Pizza and drinks for the whole gang.

Now that you’re older, wiser and the owner of some nice stuff, the idea of hiring a moving company is probably appealing.

You can hire movers to do all or some of the work. Some people prefer packing boxes themselves. But that’s not necessarily the best idea. Why let professional movers pack your boxes? Consider the following:

Professionals Are Better At Packing Than You Are

The pros have packed hundreds and maybe even thousands of boxes. They pack quickly. They’ll bring materials to keep your items from getting damaged. A couple of pros can box up items in your home in a matter of hours.

Delegate Your Stress

We’ve said it before: Moving is stressful. Changing your address, checking out new schools and deciding what to get rid of ahead of the move. There’s a lot to do. You can cut your to-do list in half and reduce your stress to something manageable when you delegate the packing to trusted professionals.

Moving Companies Will Keep Your Stuff Organized

Professional movers pack according to tried-and-tested methods. They go room by room, labeling as they pack. Movers will take an inventory of your belongings as they pack. They’ll take furniture apart and put it back together at the new place. When they unload the truck, they will place everything in the proper room

Moving Companies Offer Protection for Your Belongings

Home insurance may cover your belongings during a move, but probably not if you pack yourself. Moving companies assume a certain level of liability for your valuables. If something happens and your items are lost or damaged, you’ll receive compensation.

Professionals Can Handle Heavy and Fragile Items

Do you have a collection of glass dishes? Maybe you have an antique armoire that’s particularly heavy. Movers have the equipment and the expertise to move heavy, bulky or fragile things.

Moving is a big job. It’s also exciting to start a new adventure. We handle local and long distance moves, residential and commercial clients. If you need help moving in Portland, Oregon, contact our team.

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