Portland, Oregon Movers: Nobody Beats Smooth Move People

Need to move from Southeast Portland to the Pearl, across the river, or even a different time zone? For decades, Smooth Move People have been moving people from point A to Point B, providing excellent service at unbeatable prices. So if you’re moving to, around, or out of the Rose City, use our professional movers to get the job done quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

Interested in moving to Portland? Check out our Moving Services and Moving Rates to see how we can help you transition to Portlandia. Before you know it, you’ll understand why so many people are moving to Portland, Oregon. When you’re ready for the big move day, so are we.

Moving Services Portland: What Smooth Move People Offers

Naturally, we provide full-service moves, with packing services, moving trucks (licensed and insured), and moving crews. From heavy lifting to a light touch, here are some of the moving services in Portland we offer:

  • Packing
  • Supplies
  • Loading
  • Transport
  • Unload
  • Specialty Items
  • Long Distance
  • Local Moving Rates


Moving to a new place can be exciting–packing for that move is not. Let our experienced movers take care of your clothes, furniture, kitchen gadgets, and everything else you have. We’ll box everything up, disassemble any furniture if necessary, and get everything ready for the truck.

We’ll wrap the important stuff with care, including dishes, mirrors, large pictures, TVs, and so on. Are there certain items you’d rather take care of yourself? We’re more than happy to let you take care of those family heirlooms or other delicate items (although we can take care of them as well).


We have everything you need for your Portland area move. Boxes for glasses, boxes for TVs, wardrobe boxes, and other boxes of different sizes for everything. Our supplies also include packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and more to keep everything safe and sound. If you want to do the packing yourself, come to us for all of your packing supplies.


Packing is just half the battle when it comes to residential moves. Okay, maybe more than half, but picking everything up and moving it to the truck is no easy feat, either. We take care of it, ensuring the boxes, furniture, and other items all fit in harmony with one another.


Even if everything is packed perfectly in boxes, a sloppy loading job means your stuff will be sliding all over the truck, crashing into one another. We make sure everything is securely loaded and looks the same coming out of the truck as it did going into the truck. We’ve moved items all over the Portland Metro area and beyond with very minimal complications.


Once at your new place, we’ll unpack the truck and put your belongings where you want them. We’ll put the big stuff back together and then get out of your hair so you can enjoy your new home. We’ll even take all of the packing stuff with us if you’d like.

Specialty Items

At our company, we handle each and every item with great care, and we go to extra lengths to ensure that your most delicate and valuable possessions remain intact and unscathed. This goes for unusually large items, too, such as pianos, large artwork, and heavy equipment.

Long Distance Moves

Large national moving companies often consolidate multiple customers’ loads to reduce the number of trips they need to make. Which works for them, but not necessarily for you. That’s why we give you exclusive use of the moving truck for your long-distance Portland move.

Lowest Moving Rates

Finally, our Portland moving rates are the lowest in the area–and when we say that, please understand it’s not just marketing talk. It’s the truth. We charge the lowest moving rates that we’re legally permitted to charge, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

And since we own our equipment, we have much less overhead than other Portland moving companies. Although our prices are as low as can be, we prioritize quality and do not compromise on standards. Our moving rates incorporate insurance coverage that values your belongings at 60 cents per pound, per article and we provide optional supplementary insurance if needed.

We can help you design a professional moving plan. We provide a hassle-free move that comes highly recommended, offering a moving experience that is second to none. We’re renowned throughout the moving industry for our highly-trained moving labor and our customer service. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful–have a great experience with Smooth Move People.

Moving to Portland

Take a glimpse at its dramatic array of snowcapped volcanic peaks and its ever-present and astounding greenery. It’s no wonder that so many have decided to move to Oregon and, specifically, relocate to Portland. Portland has a temperate climate, plentiful parks, diverse neighborhoods, and an extensive network of eco-friendly transportation options. The city is easy to love and easy to navigate.

In addition to its natural beauty and abundance of natural resources, what makes Portland special is its people. Portland residents have contributed to making the city a haven for artisanal tastes. They’ve developed low-key and local specialties. This includes craft beer, unique restaurants, and entire blocks dedicated to Portland food carts.

Portland has a strong local economy. It’s close to nature. And it takes a forward-thinking approach to city planning. These attributes make it a great destination for all types. Whether bustling and modern or laid-back and pedestrian, every neighborhood has easy access to fantastic dining and entertainment options.

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