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Considering a move to Portland, Oregon? For decades, people from across the U.S. have chosen to call this region home.

Take a glimpse at its dramatic array of snowcapped volcanic peaks and its ever-present and astounding greenery. It’s no wonder that so many have decided to move to Oregon and, specifically, relocate to Portland.

Portland has a temperate climate, plentiful parks, diverse neighborhoods, and an extensive network of eco-friendly transportation options. The city is easy to love and easy to navigate.

But how do you get here in the first place? You’ll need to be on the lookout for Portland movers. And Smooth Move People is the only Portland mover you’ll need.

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Although in-migration ebbs and flows, people are still “flocking” to Portland. In addition to its natural beauty and abundance of natural resources, what makes Portland special is its people.

Portland residents have contributed to making the city a haven for artisanal tastes. They’ve developed low-key and local specialties. This includes craft beer, unique restaurants, and entire blocks dedicated to Portland food carts.

Here you can sample Asian fusion cuisine atop a downtown skyscraper. Or tour a historic Chinese garden. Maybe hop aboard a Portland Streetcar to see the home of the city’s beloved Portland Trail Blazers.

Portland has a strong local economy. It’s close to nature. And it takes a forward-thinking approach to city planning. These attributes make it a great destination for all types.

Whether bustling and modern or laid-back and pedestrian, every neighborhood has easy access to fantastic dining and entertainment options.


The traditional heart of Portland is located in the center of the city’s west side at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The popular public square was designed as the hub for the city’s MAX light rail system. It is perhaps the easiest place in town to get to or from.

The Pearl District is just north of Old Town. (Quick note about Old Town: It’s a more sedate neighborhood that’s home to world-famous Voodoo Donuts.) In the Pearl, you’ll find Portland’s hottest residential and commercial neighborhoods.

Developed from old warehouses and industrial sites, the area now features soaring glass apartments, condos, and office towers. Many of these structures overlook newly built parks and busy streetcar lines.

Many of Portland’s neighborhoods west of the river are vintage, high-end, and hilly (West Hills/Nob Hill). Others are narrow riverfront patches undergoing exciting development (the newly designated South Portland). Meanwhile, neighborhoods on the city’s east side are generally more spread out and residential.

Defined by their main thoroughfares, Northeast Portland’s Alberta and Mississippi districts are trendy local hotspots. Each has a strong cafe, gallery culture, and music scenes.

Moving southward you’ll find the upscale, oddly arranged neighborhoods of Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition. Both break from the city’s standard street grid format and are very walkable. These neighborhoods abound with beautiful old craftsman homes and aged tree-lined lanes.

Most modern development on the east side has occurred closer to the river in an area known as the Lloyd District.

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