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Moving your family or business can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. However, if you approach it the correct way, the stress can be minimized and your move can go off without a hitch. All you have to do is follow some simple moving tips to make the process easier, and who knows – you may even have fun!

Be organized during the packing stage. This part involves proper labeling. Write important identifying information on each box before you tape each closed. This includes not just describing the contents, but what room you want each box to be moved to, and numbering each box in order of which you want to open first. We often recommend that people prioritize boxes of kitchen items first, as you’ll likely want to cook and use plates before you need to unwrap your baby grand piano.

Timing is everything. Well, it’s at least something you need to consider. While weekends may seem like the most convenient time to move and unpack, weekdays come with more perks. For instance, unless your bank is open on Saturdays, you may want access to more than an ATM. Government offices and utilities are also open to get your new home up and running. If you move during peak moving season, generally between May and September, you will want to make arrangements and reservations early to accommodate your schedule.

Take care of yourself before and during the moving day. Let’s face it: moving is a mental and physical task. Be sure you are ready for it on both levels. Get ample rest the night before. Stay hydrated and eat well so your energy levels are where they need to be. Take breaks when you can. In fact, try to plan them ahead of time to make sure you aren’t falling behind when you get much-needed time for recharging your battery

Pace yourself. Besides making sure that you eat properly, stay hydrated and take short breaks, don’t rush yourself when you are doing the work. Start far enough ahead of time where you can gradually pack away things you don’t need on a day to day basis. This makes it easier, but also give you ample time to pack your possessions properly.

While there may be some excitement associated with your new start, nobody loves the moving process. But if you follow these basic tips, you can make it as stress-free as possible.

Have questions? Call the Smooth Move People! We’re here to make your move just that – smooth, uneventful, successful!

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