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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues into late summer, there is really no end in sight. As Oregon moves between phases – either up or down – people still need to move. Perhaps a lease is ending, the house you’ve been renting was sold, or you need to move for work or be closer to family.

The dates of these moves can’t always be changed. A new job won’t wait for Covid-19 to run its course – so moving companies have been deemed a Covid-19 essential service. Planning a move during the coronavirus isn’t the first option of course, but life carries on.

Slowing The Spread of Covid-19

We can all do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, both at work and at home. Washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly, wearing masks when going to the store, or making other appearances in public. Social distancing the required six-feet when waiting in line or just walking down the sidewalk.

If you plan on hiring movers, try to make it as safe for everyone as possible. Everything you’ll want to be responsible for (family heirlooms, delicate equipment, important documents), make sure to mark and put off to the side. Perhaps station all of those items in a cleaned out room.

Ask the movers if they require any extra preparation. Knowing if clothes should be placed in plastic bags, silverware already packed, or any other items that need special care before being loaded on the truck will make for a more efficient move. You may want to find out what other precautions they’re taking as well.

Once the movers arrive, the family can leave the house and remain a safe distance away. These steps are taken to protect the health and safety of both customers and employees. For the best possible move, starting planning well in advance.

What To Move First

Any moving plans, whether it’s across town, long-distance moving, or during a pandemic ideally begins with what stays and what goes. Not only will this save space, but will save time and money as well. Clothes, shoes, coats, and whatever else that hasn’t been worn in a year give to Goodwill or put for a yard sale.

This goes for the kid’s parkas that are already too small, toys that haven’t seen the light of day in years, and books, games, kitchen items, and boxes filling up the garage. Why pay for stuff that’s just going to sit in the garage of your new place? Sell it if you can, donate what you can’t.

And if they won’t take it – make a trip to the dump. Now you can really start planning the move. Day to day items will stay out until the end while seasonal supplies can be packed immediately. With all of that extra room in the garage, you’ll have somewhere to store it!

Working Remotely

Working from home has become the norm for many people during the pandemic. Instead of just moving normal house stuff, you may need to be moving an entire office as well. For those that work in the “cloud,” moving your office may be as simple as throwing your laptop into a computer back and calling it good.

For others that stay home to work, the job could be a lot more involved. File cabinets can be hard to move even when they’re empty. Do you have a work desk or are you using the kitchen table? Are you dealing with sensitive or essential business documents that need to be secured?

Hard Drives, monitors, desktop computers, keyboards, and everything else that goes into a home office is just that much more to worry about when moving. With sensitive equipment, extra care is needed as well. Make sure to stock up on bubble wrap and moving paper.

Work With Professionals

Smooth Move People have been moving Portland folks across Oregon, over the Columbia River, and around the country for decades. Although Covid-19 has changed how we live or lives, all of our moving services remain intact – just with a little more care in how we interact with the homeowners on site.

Our services include packing, disassembling furniture when needed, packing the truck, and then doing it all again in reverse when we’re at your new residence. The best part? We offer the lowest rates in the state. So feel free to shop around – and when you’re ready to schedule a move, we’ll be here.

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