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When you’ve decided to move from one house to another, there are a few things to keep in mind. At Smooth Move People, we’ve been helping folks just like you relocate with ease and comfort for a long time now. So you might say we’ve got this whole house moving tips things down-pat.

Our experience shows that house moving tips are centered around what we call the Three Ps of house moving. These are purging, prepping, and packing. Let’s take these one by one, and we’ll reveal just how many house moving tips are packed into these three broad categories.

Purging for a House Move 

Purging is related to downsizing in that it involves ridding yourself of items you no longer need. It differs from downsizing in that you may not actually be moving to a smaller home!

That’s right, there’s logic to downsizing even when your next home is actually a size (or two!) upgrade. Over time, we all collect things, whether we consider ourselves packrats or not. Consider holding a garage sale for items you don’t plan to bring with you to your new home. You’ll save on moving costs and you’ll have fewer things to move.

As we say in our piece on saving money when moving, “consider this one simple step when holding a sale: whatever leaves the house doesn’t come back in. Even if the sale is a bust, you can still donate the items for a tax deduction. If the sale is a success, you can put that money towards moving expenses like packing materials.”

Prepping for a House Move

Now that you’ve purged, you can really dig into house moving tip number two: prepping! We love checklists to help keep things organized. In addition to a checklist, get your moving team together, whether it’s family or friends, and designate tasks for each of them.

Even the youngest youngsters can get in on the house moving action so everyone feels a part of the team. Make sure to run by the grocery store to get plenty of water and snacks for your hard-working crew.

Then call Smooth Move People when you’ve got the final stage just about ready. That final stage? We start packing!

Packing for a House Move

We have some tried-and-true packing tips that may as well be etched into concrete; that’s how universally useful they are. If you’re going to pack items yourself, remember the following:

  • Label every moving box
  • Don’t pack cardboard boxes with too many heavy items
  • Don’t use flimsy containers, especially to carry fragile items. You can pack clothes in garbage bags, but you might want to just leave clothing in the dressers.
  • Disassemble furniture, if possible. Pieces of furniture are easier to get on the moving truck on moving day.
  • Use helpful moving supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, plastic wrap, and packing tape

Of course, the easiest peasiest house moving tip of all is to call Smooth Move People. We’re experts in the moving process. We look forward to speaking with you, and we’re ready to help you get from here to there with no hassle and with the best customer service in the industry.

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