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Nobody likes to spend more money than they have to. Coupons at the grocery store, sales racks for clothes, or using Black Friday to finish Christmas shopping can save a lot of money over time. Every day, there is something you can do to cut down on bills – even turning off the lights after leaving the room can help.

Many of us will look to save a few bucks during a move, too. There are many different ways to move belongings from one place to another, each with a different price tag. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor. Moving is a stressful situation, so consider your options before deciding how you want to move.

Rental Moving Trucks in Portland

Moving truck rentals are usually the first thought when it comes to getting ready for a move. Bigger rentals include plenty of room for bedroom sets, desks, living room furniture with enough space for all the little things. Although there are various styles of moving trucks, many come equipped with ramps or have lower loading heights.

The bigger the truck, the fewer the trips. You’ll also have less overhead clearance, you’ll have less visibility on either side, and you’ll need more gas. If you’ve never driven anything other than a Mazda Miata, being behind the wheel of a 25-foot rig can be downright scary!

If loaded incorrectly, one quick turn of the wheel can send everything flying. A sleeper sofa may stay put, but the lamps, box of glasses, or other fragile items may go tumbling. Make sure you have enough straps, rope, or other securing equipment to keep everything in place.

Cargo Van Rentals

Cargo vans are much easier to handle than larger box trucks or 20-foot moving trucks. If you’re worried about clearances, visibility, or even being able to stop as fast as you need to, this kind of vehicle may be more your speed. There are various sizes available for rent, too.

While handling may be better, you’ll have to make more trips. More trips mean more unloading and loading, more gas, and more time stuck in traffic. For longer moves, cargo vans or pickups can easily double the amount of time it takes to move. Shudder.

Trailer Rentals

Depending on the size, trailers can hold a lot of your stuff and are easy to load and unload. Enclosed vehicles or rental trucks with canopies mean you need to get in and get out every time something needs to be loaded. With trailers, you just need to go up and over with smaller boxes or items.

That’s also the downside of renting a trailer. With an enclosed vehicle, everything is safe and sound (when packed correctly). With a trailer, almost every belonging is a potential hazard just waiting to fly out when you hit a bump. Make sure everything is secure before heading out.

You’ll also need a vehicle with towing capabilities and a working electrical connector to make sure the light works. In Oregon, smaller trailers won’t need to be licensed, but every trailer in the state of Washington will need tags. Moving is hard enough – getting a big fine for towing an unlicensed trailer won’t make it any more pleasant.

Pickup Truck Rentals in Portland

These vehicles are easier to handle than large moving trucks and are easier to load than moving vans. The miles per gallon could also be beneficial if the truck is small enough or isn’t loaded down too heavy. However, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of work.

The smaller the pickup, the more time is spent going from one residence to the other. If you’re moving more than 30 miles, that back and forth gets to be a real pain in the neck. Overloading the truck can be a real safety hazard, especially once you get up to highway speeds.

Hiring Professional Movers

Although initial costs may be more than renting a van or calling up some buddies to help out. The thing is – those upfront costs include everything you’ll need for the move. Packing supplies, gas, and the peace of mind that your stuff will show up in one piece. Comfort is invaluable when it comes to moving to a new home.

As the old saying goes, time is money. What’s it worth to turn a week-long job into a few hours? Packing, loading the truck, delivery, and unloading the truck takes time. This doesn’t take into account getting the rental, returning the rental, and making sure it has enough gas so you don’t have to pay a fee.

Leave the heavy lifting to Smooth Move People. We offer the lowest possible prices in the state of Oregon. Literally – they won’t let us go any lower! We’ve been moving people from one place to another for 30 years, so you’ll get our experience, professionalism, and security as a value-added bonus!

Whether you’re moving across town, state lines, or the country, Smooth Move People have an ideal package for you. Our crews can load and unload a 4-bedroom house in just a matter of hours. We’ll even take care of the moving supplies (or use yours if you already have the boxes, tape, and bubble wrap).

And once you’re in your new home, you’re done! Well, except for figuring out where the couch in the family room goes. That’s a decision you’ll have to make on your own. Find out how to save yourself money, stress, and a bad back by contacting Smooth Move People today.

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