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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people move an average of just under 12 times in their life. In any given year, up to 14 percent of the population moves to a different city. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common is to find work or have been offered a job in a new location.

Uprooting your life to look for work is a very stressful endeavor, especially when you’re moving a few states away to do it. Not only are you leaving friends, family, and the comfort of home behind, you’ll need to find a way to pay for the relocation costs on top of it!

Some of that pressure is relieved if you relocated for work already in place. That’s especially true if the new employer chips in for the move. The pressure builds if it takes much longer than a month or two to find a job. Don’t forget to save some money for the move and budget for a job drought.

Should You Move For a Job?

Although it may seem sacrilegious, moving for a job based solely on income may not be the best decision you can make. For example, if you’re considering a move from Portland, OR, to San Francisco for $20,000 more a year, you may want to take a closer look.

As expensive as Portland is getting, you would need to make twice as much money to have a similar lifestyle in San Francisco. However, the cost of living in San Francisco, MN, is just a little bit less than Portland. It may not have the amenities of Portlandia, but Minneapolis is just 30 miles away.

However, if you’ve plotted your career path from high school to retirement, the money may not matter. Does your plan include moving to a new city to start a new job in your chosen field? Then money, amenities, and everything else are secondary. Congratulations on being able to stick to your long-term life goals!

Downtown or Bedroom Community?

Portland, OR, is situated just across the Columbia River from Vancouver, WA. If you currently live in this area, you know all about the rush hour traffic getting from one side to the other can be brutal. When moving for a new job, investigate just how much time you’ll need to get to work every morning.

The traffic situation may not matter if you work odd hours or telecommute. What are your tolerance levels for being stuck in a car for an hour if you have a standard 9-to-5? Is public transportation or carpooling an option? Does being stuck in traffic equate to slow, miserable torture?

Make sure you take all of that into account when choosing your new residence. Living downtown can be expensive, but you may not need a vehicle. Your salary will buy more in suburban areas, but do you want to tangle with traffic? When two cities straddle state lines, consider tax implications, too.

Many of these decisions depend on your personal situation, too. A single person has more “freedom” when making these decisions. Studio apartments won’t work if you’re relocating with a spouse and two kids. Tree-lined streets may take precedence over being where the action is.

Relieve Stress, Use A Pro

Hopefully, all of those decisions have already been made before you start packing. There is also setting up internet service, signing kids up for school, and finding vets, pediatricians, and a decent sushi place. So much to do – and that’s before loading the first moving box onto the truck!

Make it easy on yourself – give Smooth Move People a call! While you handle phone calls, appointments, and other planning, we’ll pack up your entire house, apartment, or condo and deliver everything to the new place. This includes packing clothes, heavy furniture, and all manners of dishes, pots, silverware, and glasses.

We’ll carefully load and unload everything, including disassembling larger furniture and putting it back together on location. We’ve been moving people in the greater Portland Metro area – and beyond – since 1990. We’re professional, experienced, and offer the lowest price. Go ahead and check around – we’ll wait. When you’re ready to work with us, click here to schedule a time.

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