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Moving day is a stressful and exciting time. A growing family moving into their forever home, empty-nesters downsizing for easier home care, or just moving into an apartment in a new town after getting a dream job. For many, it’s a new beginning, a fresh start.

When researching local movers, it makes sense to look for highly-rated moving services or companies that come highly recommended for their customer service. However, for many of us, price points and hourly rates play a major role in deciding who to go with.

Because the Oregon Department of Transportation sets the threshold for moving company prices, many moving companies can offer the same price. So when it comes down to choosing a mover, it’s important to look a little deeper than the price. While companies are limited by law what they can charge, there is no limit on how much customer service they offer.

Packing and Supplies

Searching for a moving service near you? Price should be just one of the considerations. Whether you’re moving across town or preparing for a long-distance move, make sure the moving company offers everything you need. Cheap prices are nice, but if you’re expected to do all of the heavy lifting, what exactly do you need a moving company for?

Do they offer to take apart large pieces of furniture and put it back together at the destination? Are they experienced at packing particularly delicate items such as ornate glassware or 60-inch smart televisions? Do they expect you to pack everything beforehand? Do they have a big truck or did they bring a pickup for a four-bedroom house?

When looking for a hassle-free, full-service move, make sure they offer full service! This includes packing and unpacking your stuff, loading your stuff, and providing all of the supplies you need. This includes bubble wrap, wrapping paper, tape, and more. Even the right kinds of moving boxes can make a moving experience that much better.

There are boxes specifically designed for glasses, wardrobe boxes, boxes with handles, and more. With these specialty boxes, you won’t have to waste all of the packing paper on stemware or shove all of your clothes into big plastic bags. This is especially important for high-quality clothes that need a little more care.

Versatility and Adaptability

While local moving is relatively straightforward, moving across the state or across the country can present more challenges for smaller or inexperienced movers. In fact, many people think undergoing a long-distance move isn’t that much different than moving across town. From start to finish, however, much more planning is needed.

Cost of Gas – Using half a tank of gas in town isn’t as much of a hassle as a 4,000-mile trek. When getting low on gas, you’re at the mercy of the lone fueling station within a 50-mile radius. When hiring a moving company, you don’t need to worry about where to get gas in the dead of night.

Truck Rental Rates – When renting a moving truck, prices increase after every day. While you may think you can make 1,600 miles in a single day, very few can pull it off while driving a truck loaded down with a full house of belongings. When you finally arrive, do you really want to spend the next four or five hours unloading the truck?

Additional Costs – Depending on the length of the trip, you could pay for a few nights of lodging along with buying food and gas along the way. When driving an unfamiliar vehicle, especially a large truck, you may pick up the occasional ding or scrap. You can pay for insurance, but that’s one more cost you need to account for.

When using a moving service, you don’t need to worry about those sometimes unforeseen issues. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your belongings are properly packed and loaded into the truck. Cross-country moves will usually be performed by experienced drivers following a well-planned trip.

Not able to move in right away? Professional movers can take your stuff to a moving storage facility for safekeeping until you’re able to start moving in. In some cases, you don’t even need to be there when it happens. Take your time getting to your destination – turn the move into a mini-vacation instead of a tiring task.

Use Professional Movers to Save Time and Money

Since 1989, Smooth Move People have been performing moves all over Portland, SW Washington, and beyond. We perform services from packing, loading, and loading as well as offering packing supplies to make your move easier. For more than 30 years, Smooth Move People have been making sure we’re the No. 1 mover in the Portland metro area.

It’s no joke we offer the best prices in town, too. In fact, we’ll publish our prices right here: Two movers and a truck are $88.32 an hour while an additional mover is an extra $34.34 an hour. Feel free to find a better rate than that. You won’t – because ODOT won’t let us go any lower!

Moving from Beaverton to Troutdale or the West Coast to the East Coast? Call Smooth Move People. We are experienced, professional, and handle every piece of furniture and silverware as if it were our own. Reach out today for an estimate on your move and let’s get your new life started right.

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