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You have spent lots of time going through closets, decluttering, and packing all of your remaining belongings into boxes. The planning and work that leads up to moving day is exhausting. But now, it’s time to prepare for moving day — and moving etiquette.

This day will be hectic. Accounting for some of the actual logistics of the day will help make it go as smoothly as possible. And whether you are hiring our experienced team at Smooth Move People or planning on doing it all yourself, be aware of some of these moving etiquette tips.

#1: Alert your neighbors.

Blocked driveways or making a lot of noise during your move isn’t the best way to say goodbye to your old neighbors or hello to your new ones. The best way to minimize frustration between neighbors is by communicating your plans for moving day.

Also, be mindful of their property, shared driveways, or walkways. Ensure that they can easily access their living space. If you need to borrow some space for a while, give them plenty of notice so they can plan accordingly.

#2: Be considerate of timing.

Planning on starting at 7 o’clock in the morning for your move? Consider your timing with your neighbors, in addition to anyone else that you’re planning on asking to help. Disrupting people’s morning routines or sleep schedules with moving mayhem isn’t always the best idea.

#3: Be aware of parking.

When you are moving to a new place, check to make sure where the movers or your moving helpers should park. If you are transitioning to a new apartment complex, chances are there will be designated parking and loading spaces that you will need to be aware of.

If the neighborhood has an HOA or shared driveway spaces, there may be rules about when and where you can park.

Moving to a downtown city space? City parking rules will apply.

Do your research ahead of time so you don’t end up getting towed or receiving a parking ticket.

#4: Treat your movers and helpers with respect.

Whether you’re hiring professional movers or are relying on friends and family to help, be sure to be kind and respectful throughout the moving process. Have plenty of cold beverages on hand to provide — especially water.


Also, provide plenty of snacks and food. Having these items readily available for munching on will keep your team moving and feeling strong.

Moving is physically exhausting at times, so ensuring that your team is well taken care of physically shows them that you respect and care for them and their time.

Moving day etiquette can help keep things hassle-free for your moving crew. With so many moving parts — moving trucks, the moving team, essentials bags, kids and pets, moving boxes, fragile items, and more — things will proceed smoothly with a little preparation beforehand and common courtesy when the movers arrive.

Depending on where you live, it may also be customary to tip movers. This is true for local moves and long-distance moves. Moving companies appreciate it when customers show their own appreciation for the team.

Moving is a huge job, and our team at Smooth Move People can help! Don’t forget to contact us today to learn more about our rates and to get your move scheduled with us! If you’re curious about what your move costs, let us know.

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