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If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you are no stranger to the wet, rainy weather that we get for weeks on end. If your move is planned on a rainy day, it can add an extra layer of stress to the already hectic day. Moving in the rain takes a little preparation.

Fortunately, with some planning, you can help keep your valuables protected – even during the worst downpours.

#1: Wrap

Wrapping as much as you can in plastic covers or shrink-wrap is one of the best ways to keep your belongings dry. You can do this with large furniture pieces and mattresses, and if you have moving boxes, be sure to seal them well with heavy-duty wrapping tape to ensure water doesn’t get inside the cracks.

#2: Set up a temporary cover

If possible, set up a walkway that is covered to move your items more easily in and out. Whether it’s a tarp or a pop-up tent, having a covering can make things significantly easier for you.

#3: Put down mats

Slipping on a wet floor not only poses the risk of injury, but it could also mean you damage your belongings. To prevent any slipping accidents, lay sheets of cardboard, rugs, or several doormats along the entryway or the path between the moving truck and the door.

Be sure to secure them with tape so they don’t shift and become a tripping hazard. Specifically, if cardboard is placed on the floor, the cardboard must be secured using blue or green masking tape to keep it from sliding.

Please keep in mind: While we may have some cardboard, we do not supply the tape. Ask us for details.

#4: Designate an inside and outside crew

Some movers should be inside, and others can be outside, so they can set up an assembly line and pass boxes to each other without having to traipse in and out of the house with muddy, wet shoes. This is an efficient way to get things loaded or unloaded and helps minimize the amount of mess that is being carried into your home.

Our region is close to huge mountain ranges (such as the Cascade Mountains, which include Mount Hood), the Columbia River Gorge, and the Pacific Ocean. These geographical features ensure that our spectacular part of the United States with its gorgeous scenery and national parks gets all kinds of weather: heavy rain, snow, hail, ice storms, and more.

As one of the most respected and trusted moving companies in the area, we know that cardboard boxes, moving blankets, trash bags, and plastic wrap can only go so far during inclement weather. So leave the moving — and the tips for moving! — to us. We’ll make sure to move your belongings safely and efficiently.

To alleviate the anxiety that comes with moving days, contact our experienced team at Smooth Move People. We are not only well-versed in moving during the variety of Pacific Northwest weather that happens, but we also have the right equipment to keep all your belongings safe, secure, and protected.

We look forward to helping make your move as smooth as possible!

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