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Let’s chat about eco-friendly moving? What does it mean? And how might one become an eco-friendly mover?

If you are planning to move to a new home or apartment, look around your existing space. Do you see piles of clutter? Maybe there are things in your closet or basement that you haven’t used for the last two years.

Chances are, there are things that you need to get rid of. Not only will you have less to move, but you will also enter your new space clean and clutter-free.

But don’t just start throwing things into the trash; pilling your items into the local landfill isn’t the answer. There are some ways to get rid of your items in an eco-friendly manner.

Here are some tips.

Host a spring yard sale

Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest is the perfect time to host a yard sale. Your trash could be another person’s gem, and it’s a great way to spread the love.

Get your kids or local neighbors and/or students involved in the sale. It’s a great way for them to hone their math skills and build their communication abilities with adults outside of their family and friend circle.

Give things away for free

List your items on the free portion of Craigslist or post them on Facebook Marketplace. Or, if you live on a well-traveled street, put a “FREE” sign on your items on your sidewalk or the end of your street and see if someone will find it.

But make sure the items are worth giving away; if it’s junk, it will just make the space look rundown.

One last note: Don’t place items out for longer than a few days — and don’t do it at all if you have HOA or community prohibitions against it. Always be a good neighbor!


This is a win-win for everyone — the organization you donate to and you!

Donating to local organizations in your area gives you a receipt for tax deduction purposes and you are also helping provide jobs and low-priced items for those in need.

Or if you want to donate to a local church or homeless shelter that may be in need, this would be a great option, too. Be sure you do some research on what items they are currently accepting.

Donating or having someone come pick your items up helps reduce landfill waste, which is ultimately good for our environment. It protects air and water quality and conserves the space for items that actually need to be in there.

You might also consider limiting the use of bubble wrap and plastic bins, for example. Try to use reusable moving boxes, cardboard boxes, or rent reusable storage bins.

These are all things that have a lesser environmental impact and can make your move sustainable, reducing your carbon footprint.

Hire a moving company that owns its own moving trucks, too — just like Smooth Move does.

Now it’s time to get to work and get ready for moving day! Need a hand with the move from a green moving company? Hire a team with the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We’ll take care of everything, from your heaviest piece of furniture to your most fragile items.

We can help you locate recycling centers, eco-friendly packing materials, moving supplies, packing supplies, and other moving-related info, too.

Call our team at Smooth Move People to help! We look forward to helping you get moved into your new space, as stress-free as possible.

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