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You don’t have to be a private chef or a head chef in downtown’s finest restaurants to end up collecting a lot of different pots and pans. For many of us, we have some basic pots and pans that we use daily, but others sit in the back of the cupboard for only occasional use for special meal preparation.

Whether you have a whole mismatched assortment or just a few pots and pans, there are some key things to remember when you go to pack them before your move. Even though they are meant to stand up to heavy-duty use, their surfaces do need to be protected against scratching.

#1: Get the right materials.
Pots and pans are heavy, so the main priority is to get a sturdy, medium-sized box. There are dish-specific boxes available if you’d like. You’ll also need plenty of packing tape and packing paper. We recommend using tape to seal the bottom of the box because once you get a couple of pans or pots, it will be heavier than the average box. Aim to have a box that is no more than 45 pounds.

#2: Wrap, wrap, wrap.
Just like you would wrap other cookware in packing paper, so should you wrap your pans and pots. Once they are securely wrapped, make sure they’re put at the bottom of the box. You can layer lighter things on top of them if you would like, but make sure that you have enough padding in between items.

If your items have lids that need to be wrapped, you can wrap them together. Fragile items like glass lids can be wrapped individually. This will ensure they are protected during the move.

#3: Combine.
It is okay to combine your pots and pans with other items in a box. These might include Tupperware or other plastic kitchen utensils, small appliances, kitchen towels, or dry goods.
Once your box is full, make sure you label it well with any helpful notes. Start with the largest pot and then nest other pots or items inside.

This will make it a lot easier to fill the empty spaces in the moving box. While you don’t want it to be too heavy, you also want to be efficient. If it’s particularly heavy, it is a good idea to write label the box as heavy on the outside so people moving it can prevent any injury when they pick it up.

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