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Part of the stress of moving to a new home is the fear of breaking something. If you aren’t carefully moving a sofa, you could punch a hole in the wall. If you aren’t handling drinking glasses securely, they could break during the move. A computer monitor can crack if not properly wrapped.

A few of the most fragile things in the house are mirrors and large picture frames. Smaller mirrors, such as handheld or makeup mirrors, and frames don’t have as much surface area and aren’t as likely to break. Although, you still need to wrap each in bubble wrap to keep them safe.

More Area, More Fragility

Just like a stick, dowel, or even metal, the longer it is, the less strength it has. Try breaking a two-inch branch that’s an inch thick. Impossible! But if that branch is three feet long, it’s much easier. The same thing goes for mirrors or the glass used in frames.

So when it comes time to pack-full length mirrors or larger picture frames, more care and protection are needed. They can be packed essentially the same way: bubble wrapped, placed between two bigger pieces of cardboard, and then packing tape the corners so they don’t move around.

You can also buy mirror boxes that can handle several sizes of mirrors. You can also use these boxes to pack picture frames, too. Once these fragile items have been wrapped individually, they can be strapped together to make them even more secure. Not too many of course – you still need to be able to lift it!

Stand Up!

Once your mirrors, picture frames, or other large flat glasses pieces are securely wrapped, it’s time to load them up. Do not pack lay them flat in the truck! Even if you used enough packing paper to gift-wrap an elephant, any pressure pushing down directly on the mirror or glass will cause problems if you hit a speed bump.

Similar to how you would pack dishes, you’ll want to place mirrors on their side. In fact, if you have a big enough moving box, think about loading the frames and mirrors in there. It will act as a stabilizer of sorts, keeping everything snug together and reducing how much they rattling around.

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