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Alright, Seattle-ites: you’ve probably been here in Portland before, given we’re a quick ride away. We’re sure you’ve taken the family or your partner here to check out VooDoo Donuts and Multnomah Falls. However, it’s far different to move here as opposed to just visit.

So we wanted to give some of our most important tips for moving to Portland, geared especially to how it differentiates from Seattle. Consider this your ultimate guide for survival.

1. Get ready to slow down
Here’s one of the biggest differences between Portland and other cities – we’re slow here. Many of us seem like we don’t really have anywhere to be. Now, that isn’t necessarily true, it’s just indicative of the culture and the pace of life here. Things are a bit more relaxed.

So be ready for traffic that moves at a leisurely pace, folks who chat at length with cashiers, and those who stop on sidewalks and stare at just about everything.

2. Ask, ask, ask away for recommendations
They say when you start a new job you’re in a sort of “honeymoon” phase – you have a three-month grace period to ask any and all of the stupid and basic questions you can think of.

Well, same goes for moving to a new city. This is true in Portland especially – people are completely gracious to give you all of the help you need, maybe even more than you may ask for. So ask away – restaurants, neighborhoods to explore, how to pronounce certain things, etc. The city is here to help.

3. Leave your Sounders gear at home
We’re serious. There are three things Portlanders despise: evil corporations, people who don’t recycle, and the Seattle Sounders. You’re in Timbers country now; if cheering for them doesn’t feel right, just pretend. We say this for your general well-being.

4. Bike with ease

It was cute when Seattle tried to make the city more bike-friendly. We definitely appreciate the effort, it’s just dang near impossible to get up some of those hills.

Portland’s bikeable not just from the city buy-in, but the actual layout. It’s considered one of the best bike cities in the country. Many streets are cyclist throughways and completely yours, and most are relatively flat (with perhaps a slight incline). Just about all streets have wide bike lanes, making it bike-friendly not just for experienced cyclists but for entire families.

5. Get connected
This is partly in tandem with our tip about recommendations. Portland is a very communal city; that’s not to say Seattle isn’t, just that you have plenty of opportunities to get involved with local events and such. So pick up a copy of the Portland Mercury and see what’s out there!

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