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Moving to Portland, you already know about the beer. You also know about the coffee, the nature and the food (it’s probably part of the reason you moved here). So we’ll save you from those, and just give you the essentials: the tips that everyone moving to Portland from Boise had wished they’d known beforehand.

We know this because we got this information straight from the source – that’s right: actual Boise transplants. One note – this post may seem bleak, but we promise that you’re gonna love living here; there are just a few facts you should be made aware of first.

1. Get ready to shell out some cash
Here’s the crazy thing: even by the time you’ve read this, the cost of living in Portland may have already jumped. That’s just how fast things are moving these days. While $400 may get you a bedroom in Boise, that might not be enough to get you a bus pass here (okay, bit of an exaggeration, but you get it). Budget for high rents, budget for high everything.

2. Beware of housing scams
With the housing market so tight, everybody’s trying to cash in. Unfortunately in Portland, that means the shady folks, too. Beware of anyone who wants you to send a rent check to Texas, ask you to pay to view the property, or when they send you a link asking you to pay for a credit report.

3. You aren’t the only person moving to Portland
That means one thing, mostly – tons of traffic. In Boise you still had ‘rush hour’, but it was more so a “cute” rush hour. Portland’s traffic is the real thing – come rush hour, you’re looking at bumper to bumper fun on most major roadways. This is important as you decide where you’re living, as well as how you plan your commute (our best bet – get your iTunes kickin’ and ramp up on those podcasts).

4. It rains
No surprise there. Most people though have a bit more bravado beforehand – then they get here and realize, “Crap, I didn’t think it’d be this bleak”. Many Portlanders embrace the weather, and you should, too. Our advice is to plan for the worst – that way, your expectations can only go up.

5. Portland is a super expressive city
This is what everyone truly loves – in Portland, you can be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Whether that’s a multi-colored hairdo or a full-fledged dive into unicycle riding, any hobby or personality you don will have a community that accepts you. Just be open for what other people are into, too.

Ultimately, just remember that most of us here are transplants, in one way or another. Portland’s growing for good reason – it’s a great city to live, and it’s become a thriving center for many small businesses.

Smooth Move People has been in the Portland community for almost 30 years now. We’re all about helping the community and offer the lowest rates in town. Should you have a move coming up, we want to be the company you use.

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