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Are you preparing for a move? Now that you have made the decision to transition into a new living space, you might look around your current area and feel overwhelmed at everything that needs to be moved. If so, then perhaps you could use a declutter checklist for moving!

If the first thought you have is, “Where do I begin,” let us answer that for you: Declutter first!

Before the moving trucks arrive, make sure you have plenty of time to declutter before a move. Get rid of stuff that is past its expiration date — either real or imagined. (In other words: When’s the last time you used it?)

Load up those trash bags, get out the cleaning supplies, and ask a family member for help to get packed and moved. But whatever you do, declutter your stuff before moving!

Whether you’re moving across town or just down the road, the less you have to move, the better. Getting rid of the extra stuff that you don’t need or want is the best way to do that.

#1: Determine what you need and don’t need.

The first step in the moving process is to figure out exactly what you will take with you and what you don’t need anymore. Maybe there are items that you haven’t touched in ages or that aren’t worth packing to the new place.

It’s tempting to keep everything, but if you haven’t used it in the last year, you probably won’t need it. Either donate or sell your unwanted items. Many thrift stores would be happy to take some of your unwanted items.

Better yet, consider donating them! (Note: These are not affiliate links; we don’t profit from the info contained therein. They are here for the convenience of our website visitors.)

If there are larger pieces of furniture or other boxes that you won’t need to use right away in your new home or apartment, put those in a storage unit or somewhere that you can access easily on moving day.

#2: Start early.

As soon as you know you’re moving, start decluttering. Don’t procrastinate and then try to tackle your entire decluttering process in one day or a couple of days. Start a few months in advance, if possible.

It is a lot less stressful if you give yourself ample time to tackle each room, one at a time. It also gives you better time to make the decisions you need to ensure you don’t end up throwing out something that you will actually want or need later.

#3: Schedule time to declutter.

Most people aren’t thrilled about the decluttering process. That’s why setting aside dedicated time on your schedule can help motivate you to stay on target. Then you’ll see the benefits of decluttering.

Schedule a couple of hours a week (or each day if you have the time) to go through everything. Dedicated time helps keep you accountable and will help you tackle larger amounts of decluttering your home all at once.

It’s a fact: the less you must move, the easier it is. Contact our team at Smooth Move People to help get all your belongings safely moved into your new home.

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