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Breakable items such as wine bottles require a little bit of extra attention during the packing process. The last thing you want is broken glass and spilled wine – especially if the libations are of value! Here are some tips on how to pack wine bottles for moving.

Get the right materials.

The best way to pack wine bottles is by using a specialty wine box. You can order these online or at local shipping stores. They often hold six to 12 bottles and have dividers that keep the bottles apart, so they don’t bump up against each other during a move.

If you don’t want to purchase boxes, you can save money by visiting local grocery or liquor stores and see if they have any wine boxes that they are going to recycle and not use. These usually have cardboard dividers to separate the bottles.


The bottom of the moving box is always the most important thing to remember. Make sure it is secured well by reinforcing it with plenty of strong packing tape. Once it is secure, check to make sure the box will hold the weight of the wine bottles.

Wrap the bottles.

If you decide not to use a wine box for transporting and want to use just a regular box, make sure you wrap each bottle well before packing it, making sure you mold the paper to the bottle’s shape.

Once it’s securely wrapped, place the bottle on its side in the box. Don’t forget to label the outside of the box as “FRAGILE” so everyone knows to be gentle with it.

When it comes to packing your stemware, wine glasses and other delicate pieces should be packed with extra attention to detail. It is a good idea to have a separate box just for these items, preferably a smaller-sized box. Everything should be wrapped individually in packing paper or bubble wrap to ensure they don’t move around in the box and crack.

Moving is a lot of work and we can help take the load off — literally! Our team at Smooth Move People will help you pack, load, and deliver your boxes to your new apartment or home. Avoid bottle shock (when opened bottles taste and smell off after a move) and keep your wine collection and important bottles of wine safe and sound aboard the moving truck.

Contact us today to learn more about our low rates and to schedule your move with us. As a local moving company, we have decades of experience moving delicate, treasured items.

Whether that’s red wines, white wines, special wines of extraordinary taste and vintage or the fragile vessels we use to pour and consume them, we’ll make sure the box is full and safe for transport.

So check your inventory before and after the move (use a sheet of paper to write down your inventory), keep those corks wet, and happy moving day to you!

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