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There are steps you can take to make the little one more comfortable during a move or when you arrive at the new location. Here are some handy hints that will help you keep your child calm and happy and you way less stressed. When preparing for a move with kids, you need to think about the packing, the drive, and then unpacking.

Before Moving Day

The house hunting is over, the home has been chosen, and you’ve given notice at your current rental or readied the home for sale. The first order of business is explaining what is happening to the toddler. Moving to a new home is stressful for the parents, but there’s no reason to pass that stress onto the child.

Get the toddler ready for the move by talking about all of the exciting things they’ll be able to do in the new home. Point out all the ice cream shops nearby or parks to play in. Just don’t promise a treehouse if you’re not willing to give up a few weekends building it.

If the kid is happy about the move, they’ll be more willing to help. Packing only when the kid is asleep will draw the process out (and you need your sleep, too). And there are only so many times you can play the quiet game in a single day.

Have them pack up their own room or think about items they no longer play with. They can be included in a garage sale or donated. This will help keep them occupied and cut down on packing time with their room. It won’t be perfect, but you’ll get more done elsewhere around the house.

Moving Day

A move across town is one thing – many trips can be made over a few days, the toddler can be left with a family member for a few hours, and the trip won’t take long at all. Driving a few hours to your new home is a completely different ballgame.

Plan for this trip like you would a plane ride. Make sure to have diapers (if needed), an assortment of coloring books, snacks, water, and even a movie at the ready for when the toddler becomes cranky. On longer drives, plan a stop or two to stretch out their legs.

If an overnight stay at a hotel is in the cards, make sure a change of clothes, toys, and other necessities are easily accessible. Going a night without their favorite “wubbie” will make the next day seem that much longer for everyone.

Home Again, Home Again

Start getting overly excited when pulling into the driveway of your new home. Children are very observant when it comes to their parent’s behavior. Act happy, and it’s a safe bet they’ll be happy too. Before unpacking, let the tyke run around, find their room, and take it all in.

Let them unpack their box of toys to keep them busy while you tend to the furniture, heavy boxes, and fragile items. Make sure the room is child-proofed before setting them loose, too. You don’t want to hear crying while carrying a sleeper sofa through the front door.

And don’t worry about unpacking everything right away. The essentials sure, but stuff that can wait can be moved into the garage. Sleeping in a sleeping bag may seem like an adventure to the child – let them live it up! And it will give you time to collect your thoughts and just rest a little bit.

Leave it to the Pros

A long-distance trip can be stressful, especially if your toddler isn’t looking forward to the move. Why not relieve that pressure by hiring Smooth Move People? We’ve been moving families across town, across state lines, and across the U.S. for decades. We’ll provide the packing materials, the labor, and the unloading so you don’t have to.

All you need to worry about is keeping the youngster happy about the overall experience. That could be the hardest part of all! We’re joking of course. But a happy child does make for a happy move – especially if you let Smooth Move People do the heavy lifting.

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