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It’s moving day! Time to get everything loaded up, say final goodbyes to the neighbors, and turn the key over to the realtor or the apartment manager. You’re about to get a fresh start somewhere else, the first day of the rest of your life. Of course, if you don’t let anyone know how to find you, it may seem like you’ve fallen off the face of the earth. But, knowing where to change your address when moving can help you avoid the pain and struggle.

Without filling out the PS Form 3575 and sending it to the local post office, letters, bills, checks, and other important documents may never find you. Junk mail will always find you of course, especially if your name is “Current Resident” or “Occupant.”

Even though you have up to 90 days to fill out the form, there are a few reasons why notifying certain agencies of your move beforehand could save you a lot of grief and frustration. Without sending this official USPS change of address form, online or otherwise, sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands.

Identity Theft

Let’s say you didn’t inform the United States Postal Service you were moving, so they continue to send mail to your old address. After a few days, a thief takes your mail from the mailbox. There could be credit card forms, important social security administration discourse, or other personal information.

Armed with this address, your social security number, and other pertinent information, an identity thief will have a field day! Throw in a bank statement, and your debit card number could be compromised. Identity theft causes credit scores to get demolished, bank accounts drained, and good names dragged through the mud.

Who To Reach Out To

When it’s time to move, make sure you have this handy list of entities to contact. It may take some time to call everyone on, but it will save months of headaches down the road. We realize not everybody will need to call every number, but this is a pretty starting point of who needs to be updated.

Who To Notify About A New Mailing Address

Voter Registration
In both Oregon and Washington State, voting on local, state, and federal positions happens via mail. This means if you move without consulting the Oregon Secretary of State office, for example, you may not get a ballot. If moving to another state, make sure to get your information updated there as well. There may be an identity verification fee.

Motor Vehicle Department
As one of the main ways to identify yourself, a mailing address is quite important. It’s printed on your driver’s license, ID card, checks, and other important documents. Visit to change your address online. Make sure to reach out to the department of motor vehicles for the state you’re moving too. You’ll need to register and get a new driver’s license. There may be an identity verification or registration fee.

Immigration Services
This is especially true if you are here on a work or student Visa and your mailing address is how you receive benefits or updates about your immigration status. Reach out to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services website to change your address. Please Note: Sending a move notice will NOT change your address at the USCIS.

Veterans Affairs
If you are currently receiving benefits from the VA, letting them know of a change of address is vitally important. Prescription medications, pension benefits, and other correspondence between yourself and the V.A. will often happen by mail. Visit to find out how to change your address for general health care information. For educational services, home loans, mortgage help, and other departments, you can change your address by phone. Click here to see the list.

Consumer Notifications
This includes your cell phone carrier, internet service, cable, dish, and other entertainment services. Numbers for address change or cancellation of services can be found on the monthly bills. Other services, such as garbage and utility companies, also need to be notified. Don’t want to pay for services you’ll no longer receive.

Let Us Help

That’s a lot of people to contact when you move, not including friends and family. Throw on top of that the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking your stuff at the new address, and it can seem overwhelming. Consider calling Smooth Move People for help.

We’ve been helping people move across the city, the state, and the nation for decades. Our moving crews are safe, fast, and friendly and will pack and move your stuff from one place to the other. We’ll even put the dining room table back together again. If you’re moving in a few weeks, schedule a move with us today.

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