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When it comes to finding a new place to live, it’s never too early to start planning. First, you need to start saving up for the move, first and last month’s rent, or expenses associated with buying/selling a home. But you also have to think about moving day and the costs that go along with preparing for a move. To put it simply moving is expensive… But doing it the right way can help you save time and money.

Including packing, breaking down larger furniture just to get it through the door, and carefully wrapping breakables, getting ready for the move can be pressure-packed, stressful, and tiring. Then you get to do it all again when you’re at the new place.

As they say, time is money. When it comes to actual money, don’t forget to think about everything you’ll need for the move as well as additional costs when renting a truck. As a side note, we did not include pizza and beverages to try and bribe your friends with.

Costs of moving infographicMoving Costs

Gas – No matter if it’s a 10-mile move, a move to a new state, or a cross-country move, you’re going to have to pony up some cash to pay for gas. Either along the way or filling the tank back up before you return the truck. If you’re unfamiliar with how big the rental moving truck is, be careful to mind height restrictions at the pump, too. Or else you could be looking at a big unexpected cost.

Packing Supplies – Plan all you want, but it always seems like there’s never enough boxes, packing paper, or tape. At some point, you may have even used towels or clothes to pack plates and other fragile items.

Additional Insurance – You have insurance on your home, it makes sense to cover everything that goes into the home as well. However, many moving truck companies also offer insurance to cover damages to the truck, if you hit another vehicle, or are involved in some other accident. This doesn’t even include astronomical security deposits.

Other Fees – Some rental truck companies may charge you mileage fees or environmental fees depending on where you live. Before signing a contract, make sure to ask about these add-ons. It’s no fun getting a bill that’s much more than you figured in your head.

Missed Work – Finding a rental truck for a weekend move can be a treasure hunt. You may need to resort to a mid-day move, which means a day or two off from work. And wouldn’t you rather use vacation hours when you’re actually on vacation? If you don’t have sick/vacation leave, prepare for a smaller paycheck.

Save Time, Stress, and Your Back

When you add all the costs of moving – including the time and effort to pack everything up, load it onto the truck, and unload the truck – it might make more sense to hire a moving company. The up-front costs will be more than renting a truck, but the little things you don’t think about will begin to add up.

Smooth Move People is a full service moving company that takes care of everything you need to move your stuff from point A to point B. We handle short moves and long-distance moves with the same efficiency, safety, and friendliness that you would expect from a professional moving service.

When we say everything, we mean everything. Packing and loading, taking apart heavy items and handling delicate glasses, and providing all of the packing boxes, bubble wrap, and tape your move will need. To save money, we’ll even use supplies you already have!

Lowest Prices in Oregon
Speaking of money, Smooth Move People prices can’t be beaten in Oregon. Literally. We’d go lower, but Oregon law prevents us from doing so. And you’ll still be getting better customer service and professional movers than those more expensive companies.

American Moving and Storing Association states the average cost of an intrastate move is around $2,300. Moving across state lines and that number almost doubles to $4,300. The going rate is three movers and one truck are between $180 and $190 per hour. But we only charge $122.65 per hour for the same service.

Decades of Experience

Smooth Move People have been the local movers for the Greater Portland Metro area since 1989. We’ve steadily grown our customer base, our fleet of vehicles, and our personnel to make sure we remain the premier movers in the area. From apartment to apartment, house to house, and coast to coast.

Have a move coming up and just don’t want to deal with the hassle? Leave it all to us: we’re licensed, bonded, and insured and offer professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness with every move. Feel free to call around looking for a better price, too! And when you’re ready to move, we’ll be here.

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