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Are you getting ready to pack your dishes, glasses, and other breakable items for an upcoming move? Putting these items in a box without any forethought can put your items at risk for breakage. Here are some helpful, easy steps on how to properly pack glasses before you move.

Drinking glasses

Chances are, you have plenty of ordinary drinking glasses. When you wrap the glasses, wrap them individually and then pack them into the box just like you would put them into the cupboard. They can either be packed right side up or upside down. Never put them sideways. Use packing tape on the top flaps to make sure everything is secure.


Wine glasses and other delicate stemware should be packed with extra attention to detail. It is a good idea to have a separate box just for these items, preferably a smaller sized box. Use crumpled paper at the bottom of the box to help keep the bottom part of the glasses from moving.

The importance of labeling

When you are moving glassware, all boxes should be labeled carefully so movers know to be careful with them. Label fragile in big and bold letters, on all sides and top of the box. In addition, you can make a note for them to be top load only, meaning they should only be placed on top of heavier boxes.

Heavy moving boxes should never be loaded on top of fragile boxes, as it will increase the risk of damage during transport. In addition to proper labeling, make sure to line the box well with bubble wrap or packing paper. This extra layer of padding will make a huge difference in keeping your glassware protected.

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