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So you’ve decided to move away from Portland, Oregon, huh? For years now, Portland has been one of the most popular destinations for people looking for a change of pace and a new place to live.

But we understand that sometimes one needs to relocate — for work, for family, or just for fun. It’s exciting to get out there and see how the other parts of the world live.

The Portland moving experts at Smooth Move People have been helping people just like you move for more than three decades. Give us a call, and we’ll help you plan for a move in which we do all the heavy lifting and you get ready for the start of a new adventure.

Moving from Portland, Oregon? Advice is on the way.

Leaving Portland, Oregon

The first thing you’ve probably considered is the weather. What’s it like where you’re moving to from Portland OR? Unless you’re relocating somewhere else in the Pacific Northwest, chances are the weather is much different.

Think about how much clothing you need to pack and how much you donate or discard prior to your move. After all, if you’re moving somewhere with very little rain, you may not ever need those galoshes or raincoats again!

After the weather comes what we call the Three Ts: taxes, transportation, and teachers.


Portland is in Oregon, one of five states with no sales tax. Oregon does have a state income tax, though, just like 40 other states (and Washington, D.C.). When determining cost of living, these things must be factored in.

Keep in mind, though, that of West Coast cities, Portland ranks well on the affordability list. In fact, reports U.S. News & World Report, “Portland is the third-most affordable place to live on the West Coast out of the 125 most populous metro areas in the U.S.”

So if you’re moving elsewhere along the West Coast — San Francisco, perhaps? — be prepared for possibly hefty increases in living expenses and real estate prices.


How is the public transportation system where you are going to live? Will you need a car? Or are there amenities within walking distance?

Some cities — Portland being one of them — invest in bike lanes and public transportation infrastructure. And while there is much room for improvement, Portland is high on the list of public transportation options among major cities. That’s not the case if you’re moving to, say, Miami, Florida, or Charlotte, North Carolina.


By teachers, we mean, of course, the quality of schools and educational opportunities in your new town. While America’s university system is one of the world’s best, there is much disparity in various local school systems as far as the quality of education goes.

For example, Oregon ranks low on Wallethub’s public school rankings overall and specifically for dropout rates and teacher-student ratios. Other states, Massachusetts for example, rank much higher in national averages.

These are the main things one might consider when seeking “moving from Portland Oregon” advice. Any move requires an adjustment period to get used to a new home, routines, cost of living, environment, vibe, culture, outdoor activities, and much more.

Still, you’ll find one can make the best of a situation regardless of where they choose to live. Relocating can be an exciting time as one discovers new favorite grocery stores, coffee shops, and, in lots of cities with transplants and people moving in, new friends.

If you live in Portland and are looking to move from the Portland area, give us a call to set up a time to plan your own move. We work on either side of the Willamette River from the southern fringes of the city up to St. Johns and beyond.

And good luck to you and yours wherever you end up. We wish you the best of everything.

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