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Whether it’s leaving town to go to school, for a new job, or just to look for a fresh start, moving as a young adult is an exciting time. Exploring new towns, states, or even countries. As they say, the world is your oyster – travel light and see what you can find.

For some of us, we meet someone, fall in love, and maybe have a kid or two. All of a sudden, being footloose and fancy-free gives way to daycare, school, and sports practices, math clubs, or music lessons.

This isn’t to say you’re done moving – across the country for a job, just a few states to finish your Ph.D., or as part of military service. As a young adult, you may have been able to pack everything into an SUV. With a family of four, that vehicle may not be big enough for a weekend trip to the coast!

The moving process with young kids or older children will each have their own wants and needs for a move. Whether it’s a favorite toy, well-charged devices, or snacks to keep grumbly stomachs quiet. Don’t forget about your own needs, either. Make sure you have the right tunes – or a bunch of coffee – for those 14 hour driving days.

Preparing For The Trip

The hardest part of any moving experience is breaking the news to younger kids. Saying goodbye to friends, favorite babysitters, or school chums will be incredibly hard on them. In many cases, these are the only friends they have ever had. Even though middle and high school-age children are more mature, it can be even harder for them.

The most important tip for moving with children is to discuss the move as soon as possible. The more time you allow kids to get acclimated to the idea before moving day, the better. This way children can prepare themselves for the final tears, hugs, and goodbyes.

You’ll also have the chance to play cheerleader for the new city, house, and bedroom. Younger kids might like the idea of picking out a new color for their room. Talk to older kids about the fun stuff the new city has to offer. Instead of talking about what’s left behind when moving to a new city, talk about is waiting for them.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done to lessen the blow of leaving a BFF, boyfriend, or girlfriend behind. But these trying times may give your children improved coping mechanisms that will be well-served later in life. (Yes, we know – no 16-year-old is going to buy that right away. But we tried.)

The Days Before

A few days before the move, start thinking about what everyone would like to have with them for the trip. Even if you’re taking a flight and hiring someone to move your cars, coloring books, snacks, and mobile devices will keep the kids busy. It’s also smart to plan for the first few days in the new place.

Hopefully, you’ve already started packing. Moves are stressful enough trying to get everything taken care of in one place while trying to set up schools, pediatricians, vets, as well as household necessities. Don’t add to it by waiting until the last second to start packing dishes, clothes, and sports gear.

Just moving across town? After a day of moving, the family may want to chill out in the front of the television or just go straight to bed. Keep camping gear – sleeping bags, mats, air mattresses, and a pump – within easy grasp. It won’t be the best night of sleep, but at least you won’t be up until 3 a.m. putting beds together.

After The Move

Be prepared for some tears those first few days. A move during the summer means there will be nobody to play with for the kids. In the middle of the school year means the children will be the “new kids.” Your offspring will need a lot of support during this time. Talk to your pediatrician for the best way to handle these emotions.

Help the children set up their room just the way they want it. Talk about how nice their new room is, how much fun they’ll have meeting new friends, and other positive aspects of the new place. It isn’t a competition, however: talking about everything that was “wrong” with the old place isn’t going to make them like the new place more.

Moving is stressful enough without the added emotional toll it takes on not only children but adults as well. Why not remove some of that stress right off the bat? Hiring a professional moving company will save you time, headaches, and a sore back! This way you’ll be able to concentrate on making your children comfortable.

Smooth Move People have been moving the young and the old, singles, couples, and families for more than 30 years. We’ll pack your clothes, load your furniture, and take special care of all your high-tech entertainment components with care. And we’ll do it for the lowest price in the state of Oregon! Contact us today to schedule your move across town or across the country.

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