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Packing for an upcoming move? Don’t be tempted to throw all your clothes into a box all at once (or worse – a large trash bag). Instead, move your clothes into a sturdy, large wardrobe box. These are one of the biggest boxes out there and they come with a metal hanging wardrobe bar so dress pants, blouses, or dresses don’t get wrinkled during the move.

Here are some helpful packing tips on how to pack clothes using a wardrobe box:

Assemble the box

Start by flipping the box over and taping it shut. Turn it upright and pull out the side of the box that is intended to pull out and fold down. There are some small grooves on the sides of the box that are meant for the metal hanging bar to rest. Put the bar in and head to the closet to start loading.

You don’t need to add packing tape

Unlike other moving boxes, wardrobe boxes don’t need packing paper! The thickness of the box is meant to protect everything inside, without additional paper or bubble wrap.

Start packing

These boxes are generally used for hanging clothes like suit jackets, coats, shirts, or dresses. Surprisingly, wardrobe boxes can be used for more than just clothes, too! You can add shoes at the bottom of the box, purses, sheets, towels, or blankets, too!

Once you have packed a few in there, you will discover how simple and convenient it is to load the box! However, just like other cardboard boxes, make sure you don’t overload the wardrobe box. There are weight limits to consider when packing your clothes.

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