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3 essential tips for moving

Do you want to take the stress out of a move? Make a plan to get organized. Planning helps you feel in control and minimize anxiety. With a plan in place, you can set a schedule to chip away at the work.

Start With a Budget
Plan your move by listing the expenses associated with relocating. Things to include are moving services, packing materials, deposits for rentals, storage fees, eating out and travel expenses. If you make a budget well ahead of time, you can start saving for the move. A budget helps you cut costs because you’ll begin to prioritize your spending and eliminate waste.

How to Get Organized for a Move
Big Binder of To-Do Lists: Keep a binder with all the documents associated with your move. This notebook will be your best friend from the moment you start planning a move and until the last box is unpacked. What should you keep in the binder?

  • Checklists: Brainstorm a big list of things to take care of in the months and weeks before moving, then organize the list and start checking items off as you complete them.
  • Inventories: A home inventory helps you keep track of what you own. You may already have compiled this document for your homeowner’s  insurance.
  • Budget: The budget you created for moving expenses.
  • Documents: Receipts and contracts.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything you might need while you’re on the road between homes. A list of contacts, for example.

Hire Help: Hiring professionals to do some of the work reduces stress and banks time. The biggest part of moving is packing. Save yourself a ton of work by booking early with a full-service moving company, one that packs, transports and unpacks your belongings. Consider hiring a cleaning service to take care of your old home, your new home or both. If you’re hiring painters or remodelers, schedule their work to be complete before the moving van arrives.

Purge: Belongings seem to multiply faster than rabbits. Never is the overpopulation more apparent than when it’s time to fit everything into boxes. Decluttering will make the moving van lighter and your spirits higher. Sort through every room in the house, gathering possessions you no longer want. Compile three discard piles: one for trash, one for donations and the last for things you want to sell.

Schedule Utilities and Other Services: Ensure you have power, water, gas, cable and other services by contacting the relevant agencies as soon as you know your new address and moving date. Don’t forget to turn off or transfer utilities from your old home.

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