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Thieves and bad guys are constantly thinking of new scams. Shady, no-name moving companies open and close overnight. While bad moving companies exist, in many ways they get more attention than they deserve. The majority of movers are honest and dependable.

Still, when you’re getting ready to hire a professional mover, it pays to do research. Look for a company that has been in business for at least a year or two. Smooth Move People has been offering moving services in Portland for more than two decades. We have a solid reputation as a reliable Portland moving company.

How to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

You can avoid moving scams and fly-by-night con artists by looking for professional movers with certain traits. Before you choose a moving company in Portland, Beaverton or Vancouver check for the following things:

Find recommendations: Ask friends and family for recommendations. Online reviews can also be valuable but read with a critical eye since anonymous reviewers sometimes rant.

Get an estimate: Collect estimates from several different moving companies. Prices will vary, but if an estimate seems too good to be true, it’s a red flag. Many companies will come to your home before quoting a price. Other movers will quote over the phone after asking for information on the size of your household or home and determining if you have special circumstances. Learn more about our rates.

Physical location: Many moving scams start when someone begins an online search for a mover.  Since both real and fake companies have websites, always confirm the moving company has an actual storefront or office in your town. Look for the company’s logo on moving vans, uniforms, and store signs and materials.

Damage protection: Some people use the terms valuation and insurance interchangeably. The words are easy to confuse because they both offer movers protection against loss of property. Please ask us about damage protection. We’re happy to give you a detailed explanation or our policies.

Explanation of your contract: Before you sign on with a mover, be sure you understand everything in the contract. Ask questions, clarify things that are confusing and don’t sign until you’ve read and comprehended the entire document.

Business license: Check the moving company’s licenses. Portland movers should have a motor carrier number.  Our motor carrier number is ODOT: 001982. You can find our listing on the Oregon Department of Transportation page.

Smooth Move People Makes Moving Easier

We’re proud to be a Portland moving company you can count on for unmatched service and fair prices. Please contact us to learn more about our services.

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