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Whether it’s a bigger iPhone, a bigger car or boat, or a bigger house, we are often taught that the bigger it is, the better it will be for our lives. However, this isn’t always the case and in some seasons of life, the best option is to downsize and simplify things.

Maybe you’re retiring and don’t need a large home anymore, or maybe you are simply tired of cleaning the space and can live with less space. No matter what the reason is, if you’re considering downsizing and moving into a smaller home or apartment, you will need to plan and prepare for this transition.

Here are some helpful ways to prepare your home and belongings for this kind of move.

#1: Take inventory
Look closely at your belongings and take inventory. Take stock of things that are very important to you and separate those from things you can live without or could replace with something smaller. For example, do you really need that huge flat screen TV that takes up most of the wall in your living room? Maybe a television half that size would work just as well.  Do you need the California king size bed? Maybe a queen would work fine.

Consider what you need versus what you want. Create piles that need to be taken with you to the next place and for the things you can live without, consider selling or donating these items.

#2: Get rid of clutter
Clutter not only takes up space, but it can cause added stress if there is too much “stuff” in a small space. So, if you have duplicate items of anything in your home, get rid of one of them. Do you really need 12 wine glasses? Cut that collection in half to save space. Donate or sell the items so there is as little clutter as possible when you transition into the smaller space.

#3: Have storage options
storage_unit_portland_orIt’s likely that your smaller home or apartment won’t have the storage space that you’re used to. So, consider paying for a storage unit that could house some of the seasonal items that you won’t need year-round. This will cut down on clutter in your home and keep items protected until you need to use them again.

If you are looking for a local moving company to help you with your move to downsize into a smaller home or apartment, our residential movers at Smooth Move People is ready to help. Contact us today for information on getting your move scheduled!

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